If Wishes Were Fishes… I’d Eat this Every Day!!

Handsome husband found this awesome fish recipe a few weeks ago.I had asked him to come up with a healthy dinner idea, and to execute it.
He exceeded my expectations… and sadly for him, set the bar much higher than it previously had been.

I have been salivating thinking about it ever since he made it.

So tonight, my love made this meal again!  With enough for leftovers for tomorrow night!!!

What a man!

It’s salty, slightly butter, fresh and lemony… and still has some earthy qualities thanks to the mushrooms…  We replaced the hake with cod.
I actually don’t know what exactly hake is… does anyone??

I would easily pay $30 for this dish in a restaurant… and I wouldn’t bat an eyelash.

This dinner, prepared lovingly by Hubs, is literally what pushed me through the workday.

I’ve gotten migraines the past two days at work… they dissolve on the way home…  Stress induced perhaps???  We’re fully prepared to get to bed by 9:00 pm tonight; hopefully a full night of sleep will kick that stress outta my system!

Happy dreaming!


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