Holding Back Potential…

I often find myself daydreaming of what I would do if I could live my ultimate dream life.

And then I pooh-pooh myself… I remind myself of why it’s not “practical”, or “traditional”, or “steady”, or “realistic”… I also remind myself of the necessary changes, and how hard it would be on me or on Hubs…  And I can hear those people with “my best interest in mind” and the expectations they have intentionally at times, inadvertently at other times, hoisted upon me.  The pressures of that and potential of letting those people down.

I can think of all these excuses not to wholly attempt follow my heart, and try to make my dreams a reality… because if I never really try… well then… I can never really fail. 

For example, I couldn’t massage full time or devote myself to it like I wanted in my heart of hearts… so having to take a step back from that wasn’t really failing… I mean… I still have my real job.  Yes, my real job… so… Am I telling myself massaging wasn’t real?…  And thereby telling myself my dream is not real, and therefore can not become my reality?

What happens when that desire pursue your dreams and hope exceeds the risk of full-on failure… Is that the moment that precedes that fantastic leap of faith?  And if so, how do you look down that jagged cliff and find that one moment you can take that step off.  And what keeps so many people from ever taking that step?  And what is that special something that those people who do take that step have? 


5 thoughts on “Holding Back Potential…

  1. I'm a firm believer that one can do ANYTHING they want …it's just a matter of perspective ;D I am just starting to STOP all my negative, talking myself out of things talk and get my ass in gear 🙂 I don't even care if a fail anymore. WE WONT anyways ;)YAY

  2. it IS hard though 🙂 sometimes life is so defeating, but it's good to have people to remind you that it doesn't necessarily HAVE to be 😀 good post

  3. "And what is that special something that those people who do take that step have?"Its the faith that they will be able to fly… 😉 Life is short my lovely…follow your dreams…If at first you dont succeed TRY TRY AGAIN!!!!

  4. I guess I need to grow some wings huh??? My friend Ashley also told me I may have to "inconvenience" myself. I hate when people are right. 🙂 Thanks for all the love and support Paula… you're a little angel!!

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