Healthy Little Drinkers….

What do you do if you know you’re going to spend most of your Saturday sampling brews (or just ciders for me, since the ones at Microfestivus were all gluten free)??? 

You hike first obvi!!!

Maybe you try a new trail right in town…

Star Trail – Trail Head

Me and T getting ready to take on the mountain…

Hubs and T…

This may have been Theron showing us the right way to go, while I may or may not have had to relieve my bladder in the wild.  🙂

Spider home

This is what the view should be on a nice clear day…

We had fog…

Lots and lots of fog…

Kinda kills the view huh?

And there was a little monkeying around… 🙂

Then you would probably fuel up…

You’d totally dig some coffee, so you’d probably stop at Starbucks on your way home with some coffee bags entitling you to free coffee…
Then, honestly, if you just hiked.. you may be too hungry to take pictures of your glorious breakfast…  But I bet you’d want a nice big breakfast sammy with Boar’s Head hot capi, VT cheddar, and a scrambled egg, on a Kinnkinnick GF English muffin…  Yah, that sounds about right…

You’d probably grab a shower, pretty up, sunscreen up (see, smart and healthy)… Then get your tushy down to Elmwood Park and hit up the Microfestivus…

I promise we both had full (plastic) Microfestivus commemorative glasses in our hands…

I had to share this fannypack with the world… a fashion choice this big, must be shared.  🙂

See how well that worked???  You were smart, planned ahead and hiked first so you could negate most of your liquid calories!!!  That makes the drinking healthy maybe???

Microfestivus was a blast!  I only used 6 of my 21 tastings… But Hubs got to gluten gorge on all the beer he wanted (or wanted to wait in lines for)!  We saw some peeps we knew… I love it when you run into people you actually want to say hi to, and talk to!!  And we met some new friends and got to go play yard games with them after!!

My big highlight was finding a new drink I love!!
You may or may not be aware of my deep deep love for Woodchuck cider… It’s tasty, from Vermont like me and gluten free also like me.. I had checked out the brewery map and already knew Woodchuck would be there.  Bad news for Woodchuck is that there was another cidery there, and they blew Woodchuck right out the water  (SORRY CHUCK!)  — Crispin/Fox Barrel.  So freakin good.  The Crispin was fresher, slightly less sweet and less heavy than any of the Woodchuck flavors… It was similar to Woodchuck’s pear flavor.  And Fox Barrel is a pear cider!  They had blackberry pear cider, and it was verrrrrrrrrrry nice. 

All in all…It was a perfect Saturday!


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