Don’t waste your time on those who want to diminish your sparkle and shine…

You know the types of people I mean… Those ones who spend their time trashing others.  Who want to pull you into their drama.

Those people that aren’t driving their life forward, so they want to hold yours back.

Those people who, when you tell them a goal, they work in direct opposition to you achieving it.

Yes, we all have something negative to say about someone else from time to time… but does everyone really dwell on it and try to cut those people down?

Yes, we all have times when we’re complacent in our lives… Sometimes out of contentment, sometimes out of a lull in direction.  But do we belittle those riding that swell of a momentum wave?

Yes, we all have envy over those who are working towards goals… sometimes it seems like things are happening so easy for them… but does it really pay to put more road blocks  in their way? 

I don’t think you gain by pushing someone down.  I don’t think life rewards you for being that way.  I can not like someone at all, and still admire what they are trying to do, changes they are accomplishing. 

People will be who they will be…  But I have control over who I let in my heart and in my life… And I do think it’s a waste of time to let anyone get in your way… Or to let anyone steal your shine!

And, while I’m at it… I’m working on making sure I’m not tarnishing anyone else’s!!!


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