Finally Friday!!


The week both flew by and dragged on…

I felt both productive at times, and left myself disappointed in my follow through at others…

But in the end…


A lovely evening was planned…
A homemade pizza for dinner… topped with mozza and much veggies!!

A walk through the ‘hood with pup and Hubs…

A relaxing bath with some Epsom salts, bath bubbles, and a face mask…

A nice LONG night of sleep…

Tomorrow we’re up at 6:00 am…. Yes… I know tomorrow is Saturday…. Yes… I also realize it’s traditional to sleep in… but you see… I have to fit all sorts of stuff into the day tomorrow.

A hike up Mill Mountain

ANNNNDDDDD…. Dusting and vacuuming the hovel…

Then we get to have some real fun…. 

Microfestivus 🙂  Hubs scored some VIP passes for us… a souvenir glass, tastings, and catered food and water tent!!  Yah, we’re awesome like that, yo!


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