This is a post that you won’t relate to if you have a Y chromosome.

Sorry boys.

Well, really not so sorry…  You have a permanent get out of jail free card due to your chromosonal and hormonal distribution…. Not fair.

I had a really good post planned…  But it is being thrown, full force, to the wayside…

Mostly due to a non-functional, hormone-overridden brain…. my brain… my poor unfortunate brain.

I can keep a thought in my head for… oh maybe… 3 seconds.  Literally.  Hence, feeling frazzled…

This morning I went to warm up pancakes in the microwave… and then proceeded to stare at the damn thing trying to remember the next step (turning it on… duh).  This happens after I scoured for, and then wheedled away from Hubs the one remaining chocochip pancake…  As he sees me devouring it, barely tasting it…  He says… Those are really good warmed up…. And then I almost bite his head off as I lie, and say I wanted it cold… I didn’t want it cold… I just needed the chocolate infusion…. STAT!! 
Surprisingly enough, those are not normal behaviours of mine. πŸ™‚

I like order, I like being able to use my brain.  I like being in control of my emotions…  Therefore, I do not prefer when the hormone fairy decides to visit, monthly, and ruin me. 

I’ve tried meditation.
I’ve tried evening primrose oil.  (Which, I do believe helps some)
I’ve tried exercise.
I’ve tried not exercising.

Nothing seems to solve it…

So, today, to the google I went…

Dr. Weil says a whole lot… but seriously… He’s a guy and he honestly states to “Avoid alcohol and caffeine, including chocolate. Both of these can make the symptoms of PMS worse.”…. Umm… I like me some Dr. Weil, and he usually is right… BUT STAY AWAY FROM ALCOHOL, CAFFEINE AND CHOCOLATE???  Is he on the crack???

WebMD also attacks my beloved chocolate, caffeine and alcohol….  And furthermore, it states to “Reduce stress in your life.”… Umm…. the stress… it comes from these godforsaken hormones, coursing through my veins…. Umm… KINDA OUT OF MY CONTROL!!!

RealAge seemed to have the most practical advice… and the most Mindy friendly way of laying it out.

None of this is anything new to me…. And none of it tells me how to quell it now that I’m full blown in PMS mode.  Yes, I know it’ll blow over by tomorrow.  Yes, I know it’s only temporary insanity…  But I don’t like when I’m not in control!!!

Anyone got some awesome (surefire) suggestions????


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