I don’t regret when I run; I regret when I do not…

This is so true.

It was by sheer determination and mental force that I got on the treadmill this morning.

I am so glad I did.  I may have only pushed out a couple miles… but I upped the run time vs. the walking time.  And I’m doing that process verrrrry slowly so my Achilles have time to acclimate, and I don’t have to stop and take months off again!

Recycle, reduce, reuse what you got… 🙂  That’s what I did with this picture.  But the mug is my favorite!!

After I got off the treadmill and was stretching, my amazing amazing husband came downstairs with my favorite little mug filled with Island Coconut and a splash of coconut milk…  My HERO!!!!!

As I’m taking my first glorious sips of coffee, I says to the hubs…  I says: I never regret getting up and on the treadmill… but I beat myself up ALL day if I skip it.
He said, he did: Well, that sounds like something good to remember.

And it is SO true!!!!

Seriously… After the darn alarm has gone off… You know in your little heart of hearts that you’re not going to get sleep of any quality… So just drag your butt out of bed, and embrace some exercise… Then you can go through your day guilt free!!


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