Why oh why do I do this to myself???

Saturday afternoon into the evening developed into layer up on layer of decadence and relaxation…

It was raining… so we lit a ton of candles, opened a nice bottle of zin… and I read…  while Hubs surfed the web…

We had delcious nachos for dinner, instead of the planned fish tacos…

We ate ice cream (!) with chocolate chips… (This is a key peice of info to recall)

We read and surfed some more…

I finished 2 books… cover to cover… at about 2:00 am…

I woke up Sunday and was in full-blow IBS hell.  Thanks to my awesome idea of forgoing my yummy banana softserve for the the leftover vanilla icecream in the freezer… Probably the stress for this week at work was piggybacking on that… creating the perfect storm.

We tried to walk the dog… I got about 7 houses up the road, and I had to turn around.
I was nasoues… My stomach was killing me… Bad news bear!!!

I had to take a hot epsom salt bath yesterday afternoon.

Last night I had to take smooth muscle relaxers to relax the poor tummy… and fall asleep with a hot rice sock on my tummy.

Today I’m feeling better…  Sadly, i worry that it’s an ominous and precarious truce…  Likely to be thrown aside with increasing stress.

Happy Monday????


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