Happy Saturday Morning!

Today I was thankful Hubs kept hitting the snoozer button.  When I woke up to use the ladies room at 5:00 am… I kinda went “ugh, only one and a half hours until wake up”.  I already knew i was too tired for that.  We ended up getting out of bed at 7:30… How very very decadent!!!
From that we went to yoga time, followed by pilates…
Then I went on the stationary recumbent bike in our basement, while the Hubs kept me company and we watched Gen whip up some homemade limoncello (yes please!) and a really awesome looking fish dish that is making its way onto our next 2 week menu! 🙂

The Bike
The “view” from the bike…

Then Hubs tackled the dishes, and I tackled the breakfast prep!

One of the things we’ve done this year to be healthier is to get rid of our teflon, or non-stick stuff.  We already had mostly stainless steel pots and pans, but had our eyes on some cast iron pieces.  They end up somewhat non-stick after being seasoned.  One word to the wise, do not ever use gluten in your new pieces and you’ll be able to prepare safe meals in your cast irons for life!

I sauteed up some garlic in the deeper cast iron pan…  then added some diced roma tomatoes, then wilted down some spinach.  After the spinach halfway wilted down, I added some sliced olives…  Once everyone in the pan melded together, I added some leftover egg whites in a container and a couple eggs.  I scrambled them up and topped with Athenos reduced fat feta!

While that was scrambling up nicely, I put some bacon in the other pan, and let that cook up.

Pop a couple of pieces of Pamela’s in the toaster…  A word on toasters if you will… When I went GF, we went out and got a dedicated gluten free toaster.  This toaster has never seen the evil gluten, and I intend that it never will.  My madre is so good to me, that she has a dedicated gluten free toaster at her joint too!!

And viola!!! Breakfast is served… with iced coffees no less!!

After breakfast, I tried to take Theron on a nice long walk but the humidity kicked his tush.  I had to drop him off back at home and soldier on solo!!  Why solo you ask??? Where was the oh so handsome Hubs???  He was tackling a home project.  He tried to replace our upstairs bathroom fan… however… That was an epic fail 😦  The pitfalls of a house built in the ’40s I suppose!!

We’re ready to get cleaned up, snag a quick lunch… and are off to sample wine(s)!!!!!


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