My Favorite Wine and Beer Shop!!!

After the failed gluten free beer tasting at The Wine Gourmet last Friday night, I had begged Aaron to put that on tap (get it??? BEER HUMOR!) this weekend.  It’s not like I have any pull, but I like to pretend…  However, I did get an affirmative from Aaron.. so I was pretty confident we’d have a GF beer to sample on my way home tonight… but you never know…
However, Mike’s email this morning sealed the deal….

This is super exciting for me.  And for you… You know why?  Because I can share my very blunt opinion of this beer!!!  Hooray!

Being the diligent little drinker I am…  I went to the google and looked this up when I got home… Here’s a professional beer tasters notes…

This is from Green’s website:
‘Bottle Refermented Blonde Ale’ is a blonde coloured, bottle refermented ale. The characteristic taste and aroma is a result of the specially selected de-glutenised barley malt and hop varieties and is brewed to an age old recipe. Serve Cool
Or from a Beer Blog

Now… drumroll please… here is my unprofessional guzzler notes:

It was warm, but it was a weak tasting beer… Kinda like what i remember of a run of the mill regular  beer, but with a really weird after taste…  It was super metallic.   It seemed a little mildewy.  Like I put a piece of tin in my mouth. I would not purchase this one…

Also, my very accommodating husband’s tasting notes:

It was similar to regular beer, until the aftertaste.  Like a Miller Lite, or Coors Lite… With a little more complexity, but no real outstanding flavor profile. 
The verdict: We did not purchase this one… but did purchase the Endeavor Dubble…  Hoping for better results.


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Wine and Beer Shop!!!

  1. I keep hoping that a tasty Gluten-free will hit the market. This is about as close as they've come so far. I'm certain that, with the dubbel you bought, (from the same folks) you'll endeavor to taste something even better. [Pardon me for that very weak pun.]Anyway – I look forward to seeing you and Jon for the always gluten-free wine tastings.

  2. Honestly, I was happy to see that there were minimal negatives on this beer. I'm with you, Green's is a godsend to us GF peeps! And you concern for this is just one of the many reasons that you guys are our FAVORITE WINE/BEER Headquarters!!!

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