Coconut + Coconut = AWESOME!

Along with a gluten issue… I find I have trouble with milk… of the cow variety.

Cheese, no problem.

Yogurt, also no problemo!

However, add cow’s milk to the mix, and my stomach says yeeeeeowwwwww….

It’s part of that lovely IBS issue I have.

I had eliminated the milk from my diet… EXCEPT… I love our weekend cappuccinos, and honestly, nothing else foams the same.

BUT…  Silk’s Coconut Milk tastes better…  Would I…. Could I…. forgo foam for flavor???

Why, yes… Yes I could!!

Hubs, amazing grocery getter that he is picked up some Silk Coconut milk for me last night…

This morning, my delicious GMCR Island Coconut was enhanced by a lovely, and large splash of coconut milk…

And my tummy was happy…

And my mouth was happy….

And my morning buzzed with joy for coffee!!


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