How do I make it seem so easy???

I have come to realize that it may seem that my gluten free life comes rather easily… Effortless even… 

And to be honest, it comes far easier now than I would have expected when I first embarked on this adventure… but it’s still no walk in the park!

When I first eliminated gluten, i was beyond despondent about the situation.  I loved bread, I loved cereal, I loved soy sauce!  I was flat out overwhelmed to figure out how to feed myself without these things…

I had no clue where this journey would take me.  I didn’t know it would take me from being a mediocre cook to becoming an excellent one.  I mean, hell, I had no idea where to even start. 

What does a good ol’ GenYer do when faced with the unknown???  Well, to the Google of course!!  And there I found a few websites that were helpful…

These two places provided me with the first rays of light in the stormy cloud of despair I was under: The Gluten Free Goddess and  Both places showed me there could be a somewhat normal life after going gluten free… and were amazing resources for how to function and thrive gluten free.  They also made me feel like I wasn’t going at it alone.  Yes, Hubs was right there with me, and lives mostly gluten free… But his was a choice… Mine wasn’t… and on the good ol web… I found others with the same fate.

First thing I did was to eliminate the obvious: bread and bread products.  Then I quit oatmeal and cereal.  I didn’t even let myself dream of pancakes or waffles.  It certainly wasn’t easy to learn to eat in new ways… and it certainly didn’t help matters that the Hubs and I had just wed, and were not as financially secure as we are now. 

Yet, after just a few days, I swear I felt the cloud lift.  I no longer felt so tired I could cry all day every day… I felt better…. I wasn’t in pain.  I wasn’t an almost comatose zombie barely making it’s way through the world.  I could contribute to my life, to my marriage, to the world again. 

Those sites, hard work, trial and error and research have brought me to a place where I rarely get glutenated, and most of the people in my life “get it”.  Since I have gotten so much from the celiac community on the web, I feel bound to share my insights and learnings…  I want to make this process just a little bit easier for someone else out there… be it by making their home safer, helping their family and friends understand better… or just make it so they don’t feel alone. 

I’m working on a series of posts on how to be gluten free. 
Expect help on how to make your bathroom gluten free (Did you ever think of toothpaste or mouthwash being gluteny??), your kitchen safe, your travels safer, resources I trust on the web… 
If you have any things you want addressed… email me… MinGrange at Live dot Com…  

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