Roanoke Valley Wine Shop Tour

Once upon a time Mindy got a facebook message alerting her to a gluten free beer tasting… She was so excited.  Her friend Ashley saw this message, and said she’d like to meet Mindy at the beer tasting!! 

But alas, and alack, it was not to be… Roanoke Railhouse had previously booked themselves, and the gluten was flowing freely.

When the two girls heard of this sad event… They decided to still go to the Wine Gourmet, but to go the day after the beer tasting, when the Wine Gourmet had their Saturday wine tastings! 

Mindy decided she and the Hubs would pick Ashley up and they would go to the Wine Gourmet…. but then Ashley, in her infinite wisdom, remembered that the Kroger right near her house, right on their way to the Wine Gourmet also did Saturday wine tastings!!!

So off they drove to Kroger…  This wine vixen was there to try to woo our palates!!  Hubs and I enjoyed the Zin, whilst Ashley, the sweet thing she is, was suckered in with the red muscato!!

Wine Vixen – With a Fellah who wanted to woo her!
Wines to Taste…

It’s no lie… He is a fun guy!!

Ashley with the cheese sampler

Off to our primary destination…  The Wine Gourmet.

Mike and me!

There we were greeted with the dashing Mike, Matre d’ store!!  Roanoke Valley Wine Company was in the house pouring out… Ashley was again suckered into the sweet stuff…  A pink muscato this time…. Anyone else noticing a trend???  Nothing hit our taste buds today… but we’re hopeful for next time. 

RVWC Rep Stan and his wares

Me, bugging Aaron.  🙂  I forced him to take a picture with me

As we were leaving, we discovered Ashley had never been to Mr. Bill’s Wine Shop… which is surprising as it’s located between her house and ours….  So we had to stop in.  West Wind Wineries (a “local”, well… Virginia based winery).  No surprise that they had a sweet red that made its way into Ashley’s sweet little heart…. and her wine collection for the day!

West Wind’s offerings

We convinced her to swing by for a full glass of wine and some tasty treats with her best bud T!!!

Theron and his girl….
Our wine feast… also known to some as lunch.

Quite a tour of the Roanoke Valley wine shops! 


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