Blogs of Note

This week I’ve read two blog postings that hit home for me.
This one summarizes a lot of my feelings about pictures from my wedding, or pictures from Italy, or any other small or big moment in my life.  I’m sick of hating the pictures I’m in.  I’m sick of not wanting to document myself in the places we go, and the events we attend.  Thanks Paula for putting into words some of the feelings deep in my heart!

On the flip side…  This post also spoke to me:

I have that very same issue.  The very core of Mindy-ness is so similar… and I so often find that I am apologetic for it.  And that I have to live at half capacity so I’m not pulling ahead or so I’m not losing out on friends.  Living less than authentic for me, so I can fit into the mold.  Thanks Mel!  This was a perfect reminder to let that fire inside me burn bright!

What’s speaking to everyone else this week??


One thought on “Blogs of Note

  1. I feel the same way Mindy. Although, I think its finally hitting me just how much I have accomplished and that I should be proud of myself. I mean really proud of myself. And damnit, I look great! I just don't say that aloud. Confidence. Be who you are Mindy because you are an amazing person!!! I love the real you and I know the rest of the world would too….at least the rest that matters. I love you so much!! You inspire me Mindy.

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