Italy in the Office

You know what two things I love about the afternoons in Italy??? 

The worker-bees get to stop a-buzzin and instead take a nice long leisurely 2-3 hour lunch… with a nap… A NAP I TELL YOU!!!

The other thing…  post lunch espressos… or cappuccinos… or even cafe americano!  Afternoon caffeine to combat that natural lull in energy in the mid afternoon… and to get the bees fueled to buzz, buzz, buzz!

You know what doesn’t happen over here in “the states”?

Long lunches involving naps and followed up by the delicious jolt of insanely rich and delicioso espresso shots.

Instead of sipping my delicious brew and looking around at this….

I’m trying to bring a little Italy to my office like this…

I know… I don’t see much difference between the two either!!!  🙂 
But yes, that’s instant coffee, Kroger brand to be exact.  And it’s god-awful.  That’s my work cup, and my work water bottle… My work cup is filled with water and instant coffee, and by no means resembles that warming, and invigorating shot I wanted…  Oh to go back to Italy!


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