What does working out do FOR you?

I know what I do for my workouts…
I go to bed early.  I get up early.  I force myself to walk a little faster than I want to, to bike a little faster than I want to, to downward dog a little deeper than I want to.  I give it as much as I have got, and then try to push out a little more.  But in exchange, what does it do for me?

It gives me a release.
It guides me to a more joyful place.
It starts my day out on the right foot.
It gives me restraint with my food intake.
It pushes me to eat good clean fuel, and to turn the other cheek on junk food.
It cleanses my mind and my body.
It makes me stronger; physically, mentally and emotionally.
It reminds me that I can chose to do right by myself and my body.
It leaves me feeling like I took the time to care for myself, rather than worry about everything else under the sun.

Other than the obvious…. The muscles, weight control, training… What does your workout do for you?


2 thoughts on “What does working out do FOR you?

  1. Im literally crazy when I dont work out!!! One day pre exercise i was so crazy to the point Andrew felt un easy! Post exercise I honestly felt split personality… I was singing and dancing! I need to exercise not only for physicall health but for my mental health!!!

  2. I know!! I am the very same way. I think they should really share this secret with us much earlier in life. Instead of telling us to exercise because it's good for our bodies, also tell us how good it is for our minds, hearts and souls!!

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