Wedding on the Water, and so much more!

Ever since the summer Hubs and I tied the knot (2008) his family has had a wedding a summer from his generation.  We were fraught with fears that this summer would break the trend.  In fact, just back in June I had been chatting about this with Aunt Sue and Uncle Dwaine at my grandmother’s wake.  I guess Nammy must have heard the disappointment in my voice and got the wheels turning up there because within a few days an email rolled out from Aunt Sue letting us know her oldest child was getting married… in July…. of this year!!!
The wedding was scheduled for this past weekend, at their family camp on Lake Groton, in Vermont.  It was an amazing day, and we were so happy to have been part of it. 

The tent all set up for the reception
With the short-ish notice, we had worried about how to manage it all, but knew it was super important to us to be there.  The flights from Hades occurred this past weekend, but even in light of that, we had an amazing Vermont weekend. 
The In Law’s Garden and beautiful views!

My MIL outdid herself as usual.  She made an entire batch of gluten free blueberry muffins with blueberries from the patch in her backyard.  There was a big tray of gluten free snacks.  There were gluten free rolls in the freezer.  She’s learned so much about cross contamination and handling.  It warms my little heart. This worked out so well for me, because I was so exhausted from the flights, that when we got back to their house I don’t think I would have had it in me to run to the grocers.

Saturday, while the FIL was delivering the mail, Hubs and I hung out at his family homestead with his mom, his oldest brother and his brother’s very lovely girlfriend.  And of course had to get the required Vermont Maple Creemee!!!  We hit up Morse Farm in Montpelier.  That had to be the best maple creemee I have ever tasted.  We also ran into my middle school and high school band director… which was a nice quick trip down memory lane. 

Art outside of Morse Farms

The crew entering the farm…

Some of the wares inside the farm store

My husband… the maple connoisseur

Maple creemee!!!

Saturday evening we dined as we often do with Hubs’ family… we had lobsters!!!  The last time we were there, the lobsters shells were so thick we had to break out the HAMMER.  This time, we barely needed anything more than our very own paws.  Kathleen (BIL’s girlfriend) also taught us some lobster secrets, something about meat behind the knuckles.  I’m not sure I can do her lesson justice.  We also had porterhouses, and various sides… a salad, tons of fruit, MIL’s Special Green Beans, raspberry gelatin salad.

Surf n Turf Feast!

The fam

Sunday Hubs and I got to sleep in a little!!  But we missed church. 😦  I was kind of looking forward to seeing the church Hubs went to his entire life… but hopefully next time.   We all cycled through showers and our beauty regimens.  The In Laws went to pick up Hubs’ Gram, and we went off with the BIL and his GF.  We spent the afternoon at the wedding…  When I say afternoon, I really mean afternoon into very late in the night/next morning.  It was a beautiful ceremony, and one of the most joyful couples I’ve ever seen.  We got to spend a lot of time with Hubs’ extended family.  I’ve been lucky to be so loved and accepted by such a happy fun family.  I really got to spend some time with people who’ve deeply touched my heart and I know I will always carry in my heart.  Such a blessing. 

Hubs and I – at the In Laws before the wedding

Gram and the Groom

The Happy Couple

Monday we had breakfast with Hubs’ cousin who drove us to Barre late late late in the evening/early morning, and stayed over!!  It was awesome to get so much time with him the night before, and to spend even more time with him in the morning!!!  His heart is so big, he’s the funniest and nicest guy I’ve ever met.  Missin family already. 🙂

Later we went off to play in the grout piles…  What’s a grout pile?  It’s a stack of the excess granite or other stone they just dump in various different places.  Hubs’ family home is in Graniteville, near Barre.  Granite and stonework is big business around there.  We found some amazing pieces.  Even a huge perfect square of a light tan stone for the In Laws… It was probably 2 ft by 2 ft!  SCORE!

My FIL came home and we spend another few hours with them before we had to race off to take on the air transportation challenge that was our flight home.

The misty view from the In Laws

The In Law’s themselves!

Tigger trying to escape from my grasp

Pretty kitty!

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