How much sleep does a MinG need??? MORE THAN SHE’S HAD THIS WEEKEND! :)

I am a solid seven and three-quarters to eight and a quarter hour type of girl.  I sleep more, it doesn’t help me, I sleep less and I am a zombie…  At this point I am in a slumber-deprived fog…  Here’s why:
Friday — Stayed up to catch our private jet 🙂 to Dulles, which departed a little after 2 am.  We were off the plane around 3:05 am, and by 3:30 am we were had migrated to the terminal for our departing flight (which we were only on standby for).  We tried to sleep a little, but by 5:00 am, the terminal was all a-hustlin and a-bustlin….
Saturday — I am not the sort to sleep while flying; i fear being forgotten on the plane.  So…There was no sleep for me on the plane.  We arrived and were promptly picked up by my MIL.  I hoped for a nap, but in all the excitement of seeing Hubs’ parents, brother and brother’s amazing girlfriend… I managed to doze off for about 20 minutes.  We were up past 11:30 pm Saturday evening.  That means that I was up from 6:15 am on Friday, with maybe an hour of sleep until 11:30 pm Saturday night.
Sunday — Up about 9:30 am.  (SOLID SLEEP!)  And we stayed verrry verrrry late at the family wedding.  Like… We didn’t get back to the In-Laws until 2:30 am. 
Monday — I woke up at 8:30 am.  That’s 6 hours of sleep… which doesn’t meet my 7.75-8.25 hours sleep need!!  Then we had another debacle with flying home… Delayed flights out of BTV, barely making the Dulles connection.  Last night we didn’t get to bed until 1:00 am (well I guess that makes it this morning!)
Tuesday — Up and attem at 7:40 am to get to work.  6 hours and 40 minutes actually does not recover the body from a sleep deficit.

Last week I read that to truly knock out a sleep deficit, such as yours truly is facing, one needs to get a solid 8 hours for 6 weeks straight.  I really really really need that.  I’m so allllll done with being tired all the time.   Me and Hubs talked about it, and decided we’re going to do it.  Which brings me to our next fun plan for the GlutenFreeMinG household —  8 for 8.  We’re going to take 8 weeks, and get 8 hours of sleep.  (8 for 8 sounds much better and catchier than 8 for 6)  We’re also using that time to cement our other health habits we need to refocus on. 

Starting tonight we’re getting 8 hours of sleep come hell or high water!!


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