So Very Very Tired…

We got into Dulles and off the plane at 3:05 am.  We got to the gate of the 8:00 am flight that we are on standby for at 3:40 am.  I woke up due to hustle and bustle in the terminal at 5:15 am…  That’s 1 hour, and 35 minutes of sleep since I got up yesterday morning at 6:15 am.  That means one can assume a few things:

  • I am cranky.  So cranky I am feeling hateful towards ummmm… just about everyone and everything that my eyes land on.  I felt hateful towards a pillow pet this morning already… It’s a pillow, it’s a pet, it’s a pillow pet!
  • Hubs needs sleep.  He needs sleep more than I do.  He can’t really go without it.  So the worry radar is going out of control. 
  • I will repeat the first bullet.  I am cranky.  I am going to struggle with normal human courtesies from here until I can finally take a “nap” or sleep.  I am just hoping and praying that we get on this first flight out, and can get to sleep ASAP.  I fear I will fall asleep in the car on the way to Barre… Probably mid-convo.  These things are really probably for the best, so I don’t end up crankypants at anyone.

I have acquired Starbucks.  I do not see much hope of it helping.  In fact, just the thought of it is a little hard to imagine drinking. 😦  Please send Anti-Cranky Vibes my way!!!


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