Happy Father’s Day!

So far this year I have managed to spend Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day near my family!!! 


I like to give my mom lots of Father’s Day kudos, since she was a single mom for some of my most terrible years!!

And my grandfather (Papa or Pops) gave me away at my wedding, and has always been around to help me out of jams.

Also, I like to say Happy Father’s Day to my handsome hubby… He’s the best pooch-pop I could ask for!!

The clan met up at my grandfather’s house for a picnic… Spiral ham (GF!), salad (GF!), and lost of other non-GF stuff I didn’t  partake in, including a whole table full of desserts!  My cousin D also brought his doggie Tucker, who I got to meet for the first time in 4 years!!!  I’m now covered in puppy hair, which feels good since I was missing my little Theron!!  My cousin Juliet took a few pictures of him, so I might see if she will share them!!

We’re off to swim if my mother can ever STOP WORKING LONG ENOUGH TO ENJOY HER TIME WITH HER DAUGHTERS! 🙂
We’re off for a swim! 


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