Happy Monday!

Hubs and I worked our little tails off yesterday in the backyard.
You would have to have seen the forest we call a backyard in person to truly appreciate what we did yesterday.  We clear cut little (and a couple bigger) tree-lets.  We cleared out all sorts of brush, and bushy stuff and thorny vines.  We raked years of leaves.  We created a fire ring for our back yard fires.  We cut down low hanging branches.  We almost reclaimed our backyard from the wild.  We also exhausted ourselves before picking up the piles of debris.  And we still have some more raking and pulling to do.  And then there’s the Min-OCD side that wants to box out all the bushes and trees and make it all orderly.  But we are soooooooo close, so close. 
Once it’s all good and pretty, I’ll post some before and afters!
It also rained up a storm last night.  Great excuse to watch old The Office DVD’s! šŸ™‚
This morning I will admit… I hit the snooze bar once… BUT ONLY ONCE.  Yayyyyy me!  And I even got up and dressed for working out.  I skipped the bike because I wanted to drink my coffee warm.  But I did some lower body weight training, and some MUCH needed stretching (See summary of hard work in backyard yesterday, above).  And it felt so good!
Hubs made a delicious omelet for breakfast… Eggs, peppers, feta. šŸ™‚  We have been making sure to take time for breakfast, even if it makes us late to work, for about a year now.  I will tell you it makes a huge difference.  I love it. 
I’m hoping when we get home and start the rice cooker that we’ll have some time to pick up some of the brush piles out back.  I think if we can just plug away at it a few minutes each evening, it can be completed by end of next week. šŸ™‚
T-Minus 5 days and counting to Hub’s Birthday!! (June 10, I did the math right, right???)


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