Fire in the Hole!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, realistically, it’s not a hole… just a spot we burned some stuff in the past.  Tonight we finally had enough time for a fire in the backyard!!!  But first… as you have all been waiting for… A recap of the day!!!

It started out with a walk around the hood while it was still cool.  And we had a wonderful surprise… One of our usual streets was closed for work, so we had to go a different route home.  And there we stumbled upon a patch of black raspberries… Thank goodness we always have extra (empty) poop bags!  One was filled with a delicious haul to make our morning oatmeal extra tasty!  Take oatmeal, add freshly picked berries, some sliced almonds and viola!!  Breakfast…  if you’re really decadent like yours truly… add some shredded coconut. 🙂  Also, we had cappuccinos this morning.  Those used to be a weekend morning staple, but had been taken out of rotation for some reason or another.. but they are back baby!!!

Then I had to race off to work…  Not banking… Massage.  Three massages today.  🙂  That’s 5 for the week.  Not too shabby.  The clients today were absolutely awesome.  Super fun to work with.  And then for a bit of bad news.  I’ve been feeling stretched too thin… and I honestly LOVE to massage.  But more than that, I love to be able to pay my bills, provide insurance for Hubs and myself, and have money in the bank.  In light of that, and some other key, but too personal for the blog just yet, factors I had to give my notice at the day spa. 😦  Life’s not all joy, and mine was lacking.  I am working out the month, and then I have my weekends back. 

I timed my arrival home after that perfectly!  The handsome husband was just finishing up with making tuna sandwiches… he took the heel of the Pamela’s bread in the fridge, and let me have the last GF hamburger bun (also made from Pamela’s).  You can’t have tuna sandwiches without my mom’s relish (Eat your heart out Greg and Willie… it’s mine, alllllll mine).  We also threw together salads, because we let ourselves get super hungry!

Hubs finished painting some doors, and i puttered around a little.  Then he cleaned up his act, and we went to the Lebanese Festival.  I had a beef kabob and some grape leaves (which were ten times better than the Greek Festival’s, for the record).  Hubs had lamb kabob, rice (looked like rice-a-roni) and grape leaves.  Usually we hang out and watch the dancers, but no one was dancing… so we came home to make a fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Obviously stopping at the store for marshmallows and mini chocolate bars… The easy GF way to almost Smores-it. 

Theron chilled with us guys, and we just enjoyed the fire…  Now I am sharing pictures with you, so you can enjoy too!!!

Fire Time Necessities!

Hubs at the woodpile, prepping for the fire.

He builds good fires!
Fire Preppd!

Yardgames are VITAL to a successful backyard fire.


Gettin this baby started!
Theron wondering what happened to his woodpile, and his friend the chipmunk’s house!
Happy guy with his fire!

Daily Cuteness:

Assisi – Italy 🙂

Now I’m off to bed…  Who has to get ready to run 4 miles by July 4th???? THIS GIRL! 😦


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