Hoooooray!! It’s Thursday!

I love waking up and being RESTED!
I love having time to do my hair and make-up before work.
I love having time to eat breakfast at the table.
I love looking at my phone before heading out and having  a text from Paula (www.paulatraynor.blogspot.com) encouraging me.
I love love love that I had time to call my best friend this morning on the way to work!!!!!  Con works nights, so the mornings on the way to work is just about the perfect time to call.  🙂  I haven’t talked to her since before Italy, and didn’t nearly have enough time to catch up like I wanted… But I needed her… Her insight and how she just gets me.  And she knows the questions to ask without making me feel defensive.  It was EXACTLY what I needed this morning.  THANK YOU CONCON!!!
So today is shaping up to be wonderful… 🙂 
It’s supposed to be a little cooler than yesterday…  And we still have yummy leftovers to have for dinner tonight.  Hubs went to the grocers last night, so we had fresh new foods for lunch today.  It’s an eatin’ good, feelin’ good type of day!
Breakfast was steel cut oats (made a few days ago in the rice cooker…. VERY MESSY, DO NOT TRY AT HOME!), with coconut flakes, raisins, sliced almonds and maple syrup… with a refreshing iced coffee. 
Lunch will be my usual snackiness all day:
Banana with PB
Carrots with Hummus
Salad with Salsa for dressing
Nuts n’ Raisins
and……. a Cutie! (an easy open citrus)
Dinner’s plan is for leftover grilled veggies and quinoa salad… With pineapples and watermelon for dessert.
Then we’re off to the river… 🙂  The Roanoke River Greenway to be exact.  Last night poor hot puppy got to go for a swim… Grandma and Lynzers got him addicted to the river.  Theron must be satisfied with his river cravings!  Then we went for a nice trot down the Greenway and back.  I think that’s the plan for our hot date night tonight!
Happy Thursday…. or Friday Eve as I am referring to it as.

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