Back to the Grind!

What a heat wave!!!!  It’s been in the high 90’s… and we can’t/won’t turn on our house’s air conditioning.  In light of that..  A HUGE thank you to my mother and sister for accommodating that terrible heat, and making the best of it!
How do you beat the heat???  Well… you….
Spend Saturday on the Roanoke River… 
Spend Sunday doing some inside (Air conditioned!) errands…  Grab some coolatas/iced coffees, and Maggie Moo’s for Lynsi Lu… Relax on the deck and play some cards… Grill some rockin food…
Spend Monday on the Roanoke River… with the large yellow stripped bass (? we think!) jumping and rock fighting like crazy… and under the shade of the trees in the back yard playing yard games…
Spend Tuesday at Smith Mountain Lake with my moms and sister…
After all that fun in the sun and water…  Being back at work today is rough!!
Not that delightful rough feeling, like the sand from the beach at SML under our toes as we had yesterday…
And not that kind of rough like the water on the river as boats created nice big wakes for us to be tousled about on…
Rough like… Not getting to bed on time because you were trying to squeak out of the day the most time possible with your soon departing family…  Or rough like waking up early because your beloved family members are departing before dawn to return to your homeland…  It’s that same sort of rough like crying your little eyes out on the way to work because you already miss having family around…
Today is rough. 
I keep hoping with time and repetition that I will become better at being away from my family, and away from where I grew up, and better at saying goodbye.  It’s been 6 years, officially.  My mom helped me move down here 6 years ago Memorial Day weekend.  I’m not getting better at this at all….  It’s an epic fail.  I am actually getting worse.  I hate being rotten at things!


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