What a wonderful night!!

A quick glass of wine on the deck evolved into a wonderful evening to be cherished…
Ashley stopped over to meet The Fam.  Originally, she stopped over for a quick glass of Chateau Morrisette (www.thedogs.com).  Next thing you know, she’s hit it off fabulously… and it’s after 7:00 pm!!!  All while enjoying fresh salsa and chips on the deck, as Theron relaxed all cool on the deck. πŸ™‚
Thinking ahead, as The Fam often does. Earlier in the day my beautiful family girls had picked up some nice steaks.  Hubs and I are complete failures with making steak at home.  So we just don’t tend to do it… However, we had The Grill-Masteress on hand, and she grilled them up good!
She also had made 2 kinds of potato salad, and snagged some green&yellow beans to have with dinner.
Another glass of wine for most of us… and dinner on the deck!!! 
What a fabulous way to spend a Thursday evening!
Today, it’s a half day at work for me… Leaving at 11:00 am… Then I’m off to meet The Fam for lunch, then to JCP to check out new tankini tops ( I have about a million bikinis, but so far this year, that would only work to scare away fellow kayakers 😦 ).  We have pedi’s scheduled at 6:00 pm…  And Hubs and I are thinking of having a grilled pizza night when us girls get home!
And then… I don’t return to work until WEDNESDAY!  HELLO 4.5 DAY WEEKEND!!  Vacation with my loved ones… How great is that?!?


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