Help with Motivation

I really want to be motivated, and follow through with healthiness, and working out, and being accountable to the world and myself…
I swear I do.
But I’m not doing any of those things.  😦
I’m not losing any weight, I’m not feeling any healthier, and I am not feeling like I’m taking care of myself.
It makes me feel like I’m not being my best self.  I hate that feeling more than anything else.  Truly. 
My best self… This means I’m feeling in control of my mind and my body.  It means I’m healthy feeling, light and clean.  It means I am content with who I am, and where I am leading myself to.  It means I am managing my stress, and managing my health/future.  It means things are rolling off of me, and I can handle life’s stressors.
Let the record state that while I am not feeling that I am my best self… I’m far from my worst self.  I’m so happy to have my family here.  I am so happy to be spending time and building memories.  I am enjoying my training at work… I feel really engaged and excited to start using my brain and feeling useful again.  I guess it’s just that I am just disappointed that I’m not doing my cardio and my strength-training workouts. 
Someone jumpstart my dedication to my health goals!!! 🙂  I want to be losing 1-2 lbs a week.  I want it, but I don’t seem to have the drive in me to work at it.
Tonight we’re going to grill steaks and enjoy our evening.  I only have 3 hours of work tomorrow and then I am off work until Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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