Happiness is Family!!

We have had some undisclosable guests this week.
It’s been a source of joy for me.  I love having people that get me, and know me, and all that fun that comes along with it!
We’ve been wearing down the Greenway.  Two walks, two nights in a row!!!!  Theron’s even been swimming each time!   http://www.rvarc.org/maps/RoanokeRiver.pdf
I’ll be off of work starting at 11:00 am tomorrow, until Wednesday!!!
What’s on tap for that time you ask????
-Possibly Pirates of the Caribbean
-Kayaking, I’m hoping for at least 2 trips
-Greenway walks
-Good eats!!
Who knows what else will make it on the list!!!
The one thing I am slacking on is my health objectives.  I really need a hard kick in the pants to get me back on track… Any takers???
What motivates everyone else?  What keeps you sticking to it?  I’m not gaining, but certainly not losing either.
Happy Thursday!!


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