What a wonderful day!

I should have spent the day toiling over cleaning.  I should have been dusting.  I should have been vacuuming.  I should have been making rooms hospitable and homey.  I should have asked for a rainy day!!

We were up just after 6, and off we went for a walk and to preview the local yard sales.  It was pretty.  Shorts and a t!!
After that we had bagel sandwiches (Kinnikinnick, purchased on a whim by Hubs this morning as he was sent to the store for breakfast materials… for $0.99… If you live or buy GF, you know this is as close to a miracle as can be imagined. 🙂 )… ON THE DECK!!!!  We had the last of our GMCR Island Coconut…:(
I showered, and prettied up… Then I was off to a massage… This time, for the first time in 14 months, I was the recipient!!!!  It was delightful and I will definitely return. 
I raced home because it went over a bit, and I spoke with the owner for a while afterwards.  She was amazingly sweet.  I was late!  Hubs and I were to meet Ashley and Anthony for a bike ride!  Hubs and I were to ride down to meet them at the greenway.  Then we were to ride down the greenway to the hospital, get off and have lunch at The Fork in the Alley… This plan worked perfect, we actually went past the hospital to work up a little more hunger!  And those gluten hounds partook in Bubblecake after lunch…  Just the “babycakes”.  At the start of the greenway we went our own ways… Ash and Ant in car, us on our bikes home. 
Hubs and I were TUCKERED when we got home, so we sat out on our Adirondack chairs out front with Theron and Smores (she hates it, but will handle being on leash for a few minutes for delicious delicious outside)… Michele stopped over… Made us jealous with her talk of getting a new road bike.  Lucky girl!  🙂 
We went off to do our weekend grocering.  Great purchases made all around, and even with MinG-Impulse Purchases, we only went over by $1.16 ! 
We got home and I started in on dinner prep.  I sliced up zucchini, yellow squash, a vidalia, a few potatoes, and some peppers…  I whipped up a marinade… Fig preserves, spicy mustard, balsamic, EVOO, garlic salt, and a little canola oil.  Then handed all those things off to the GrillMaster. 
As he worked away outside, I got to work on a HUGE thing of organic basil we picked up at Krogs.  I made the BEST pesto…. I mean… Better than we had in Italy HANDS DOWN!!  After dinner on the deck, and dishes, here I am.  Sharing my awesome outdoorsy day!!

We’re off for a 2nd walk for Theron and an early bed time… Because tomorrow, I have to do all my shirked cleaning, and check out the Grandin Block Party (2pm-5pm).  It’s fun, so if you’re in the area, I think it’s from Windsor to Memorial… check it out!!!

Have a great night…

(Still no pictures, but Hubs has provided access to the camera again! 🙂 )


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