Missing Pictures

I’m missing having pictures of our beautiful meals to share.
Ever since the debacle with the last camera (It auto-adjusted itself right off a shelf into a mug of tea, ruining itself and the mug of tea in one foul swoop!), I’ve not really been as anxious to use our new one.  Plus, that one is pretty full of pictures from Italy. 
We’ve been having some gorgeous meals too!!

Like last night.  We had grilled tilapia, with a MinG Marinade (I kinda just winged it…. EVOO, Lime Juice, Agave Nectar, Garlic Salt, Fresh Cilantro from the deck, red pepper flakes) and Hubs grilled away.  We also had a veggie blend consisting of carrots, cauliflower and broccoli… and sautéed spinach.  Very colorful, and pretty it was.  Just practice your imagination skills. 🙂
This weekend we have a pretty ambitious to do list.
We have a bathroom to scrape the ceiling of.
We have some guest quarters to clean up.
We have a Farmer’s Market to attend.
Potentially we have a bike ride with friends.
We have weeding to do.
And general cleaning.
Wowzers right?!?  We are accepting applications for volunteers.  Just email me your credentials, and three character references.  🙂
On a sadder note… Have you ever had the experience where someone you’ve grown away from has a terrible event happen, and it completely shatters your heart for them?  Recently that happened for us.  It truly broke our hearts for them…  And we feel helpless as we’re no longer close enough to share the burden, but sincerely wish we could.  Our hearts, and prayers go out to this family. 
Tonight we’re hitting up Lowe’s/Home Depot before heading home to make pizza. 🙂  Wish us luck in both pursuits!


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