Union Memorial

The parking lot at work is freshly paved.  Or rather it is relatively freshly paved… as it was paved less than a month ago.  This morning it smelled like fresh rain on hot new pavement.  Usually this would make me think things like… “What kind of VOC’s is this yielding?”, “I wonder what damage this is doing to the neighboring farm?”, that kind of thing.  Today however, it transported me back to memories from times long ago.

I was back at Union Memorial School… I was remembering walking across the little parking lot, newly paved.  It was either early fall or late spring… but it was that same smell…  And then all I could think about was ELF (Does anyone else remember that??), running through the woods behind there with the Conant Clan, chasing boys around the playground (generally for the benefit of Heather J ), girl scouts, and more.

It is always so crazy to me when just one little moment now can whirl you back to 20 moments from years and years before.

It’s also amazing how easily that set me up for a great mood today.

Last night we got to bed late… NCIS and The Good Wife captured our attention… and my handsome husband made a fire in the fireplace. J  It was too cozy to go to bed on time.  (Yes, I do realize how weak that excuse is.)

This morning, we in turn, got out of bed late.

Which makes today a day of catching up with myself… and with my cleaning.  We have some guest rooms I want to get into order, and some general cleaning to make me feel less stressed.  Wish me luck!!


Breakfast was Cinnamon Chex… it’s the gluten free, adult version of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and I love it!!

The main item of my lunch today is a huge container of left over GF pasta with sauce and Cabot Tomato Basil Cheddar, which will probably also become tomorrow’s lunch. J

Dinner is TBD.


On the upside, I’m finding that it’s easier to stop when I am full when I don’t feel like I have to eat an entire portion of something.  I used to kind of feel like it was too hard to figure out the calorie count of something if I stopped with a fraction of it still on my plate… so I would eat what I measured, rather than what was needed for fullness.  It’s freeing, and nice.  The benefit is that I’m down 5 lbs from vacation… (Bear in mind I was up 10 in that time… so I’m still net up 5) 


Happy Tuesday!


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