Island Coconut

Last night we did make it to Dollar Monday!  It was super fun.  Since my dinner idea of rice with pasta sauce and cheese, topped with a poached egg sounded good to Hubs, he decided to forgo the dollar dogs at the ball park, and had the same as me. J  An evening out at the ball park only cost us $2!!!  And it was really entertaining… we were in the section we usually frequent… by the 3rd base line.  Shortly after we sat down… there were 2 different groups that flanked us (1 behind us, 1 in front of us)… they were both hilarious for different reasons.  The ones in front of us were college kids… frat boys mostly.  They were FUNNY.  One was braiding the hair of all the girls in their group. The group behind us was newly graduated folks… they were cute.  And the best parts were a group of boy scouts that were in the next section towards home plate from us!  The leaders and boys were in full regalia…. And very very proud of their boyscoutness… They were also ROWDY!!!!!  It was great people watching, as the Salem Sox lost, and we left early at 9:30 in the 8th inning.


This morning I woke up and at that point felt rested!  I hit the snooze just once, and then got Hubs out of Dreamland and we started our day.


I went on the exercise bike and did some legwork.  And STRETCHED!!  Stretching was needed and felt gooooooood!!!  It’s a good reminder that maybe; just maybe, my body is missing my yoga practice.


This morning was GMCR Island Coconut coffee and oats.  We had oats with maple syrup, sliced almonds and flaked coconut.  The most delicious combo as of late.  We’re getting low on our Island Coconut. L  I haven’t been able to find it anywhere down here. L  Just another reason to miss my home state.  Boo!!!!


Now that I’m on with reality and the day… My brain feels like it’s full of cobwebs, and I’m a little fuzzy around the edges.  I can feel the beginnings of a headache. L  Not enough Island Coconut I suspect.   I’ll have to settle for some Morning Thunder (Celestial Seasonings Black Tea with Mate)… I keep a good supply in my desk at all times.  I got a good deal at on a big box of it. J 


Well, onto my work for the day!!!  My current role at my day job has me on a team with two other lovely ladies.  One of which I suspect will be out of the office today as she went home sick yesterday, and the other is out until 2:00 pm with appointments.  This leaves me with taking primary for most of the day.  Come 2:00 PM though… This girl is racing home to Theron for his lunch walk!!!  J  Can you tell I’m already looking forward to that???


Happy Tuesday!



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