Dollar Monday :)

Thank you for the outpouring of support with my homesickness!!  I’ve gotten emails, notes, phone calls, FB comments, you name it.  It definitely feels better to know there’s others out there in the same boat, or that have been through this and are on the other side, or just that can empathize.  THANK YOU.  I feel less isolated.  I’m hoping that with a visit from family later this month, I’ll be less and less homesick.  We shall see.

With being in such emotional turmoil, Saturday night I didn’t barely sleep at all. L  I was scared that the same thing would happen last night, and that I would spiral into unhealthiness (on many levels)… However, some how I slept like a ROCK last night.  And today, I’m better able to face the day.  Full of energy and what not.  Hooray.

I was a superstar and took a real lunch today… Normally, I eat while working at my desk, and don’t really take time to shut the work off.  I took a half hour to eat outside while reading, and then went for a walk with my 2nd half hour.  I’m very proud of myself. J  I also had a chance to check in on Paula, which is always a nice thing.  She is very inspirational, and very real.  If you haven’t checked her blog out, I highly advise it… Something about how honest and real she is really resonates with me and I think it’s helped me feel a little more comfortable in my own skin.

Tonight is a Dollar Monday at the Salem Red Sox!!  If the rain stays away, we’ll partake.  It’s a great deal…  They are a high class A Sox feeder team, and the Dollar Monday’s are the way to go!  Just print a coupon off of, and then you get in for $1, and hotdogs, chips, small beverages (including small beer) are all just a dollar each!  I’ll eat before we leave, but that’s a cheap and easy way to feed Hubs tonight. J

Keep your fingers crossed that the rain stays away…

Happy Monday!



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