RE: The Funk

Hubs and I live in VA.  Both our families and friends from growing up hail from VT. 

“Out of sight, out of mind” would be a good way to describe how I handle this situation.

Every time we go home when I come back to VA… without fail… The Funk descends upon me.

That is where I am at right now… Funkville… Population: 1… Me.

That’s why there’s been no update on Italy.  Italy was an amazing trip… We ate good, saw some things I always dreamed to see and never thought I would actually get to, renewed our faith, enjoyed perfect weather, made some great new friends, it truly was great… and I keep avoiding writing about it because of The Funk.  I’m scared that while The Funk is in town, I won’t do justice to this amazing trip of a lifetime.

I’m also filled with a lot of guilt lately… and that seems to be doing nothing more than extending a warm welcome to The Funk.  The Guilt is laying out the welcome mat for The Funk… cooking it a nice casserole and telling it to put its feet up and stay a while. 

The Funk always seems to have its own idea on how long it’s going to stick around.  I’m hoping that adding some exercise and life routine back into the mix will send it packing. 

Each time we come back here, I work to resolve The Guilt over missing time that I will never get back with my family.  My grandparents are so very near and dear to my heart.  My mother and I are so close.  My best friend now lives in VT again… friends and family that I don’t see regularly because I am 800 miles away….  The Guilt over time lost; experiences lost… The Guilt over times I couldn’t be there to help share burdens… I can’t make an all encompassing list… it’s just so huge. 

When I’m back in VA, I work through The Guilt by reminding myself of things like… how Hubs hates the winter (which is much shorter in VA than VT), how I get S.A.D. in the long VT winters, how the cost of living difference is pricier in VT than VA, how hubs loves it down here, how we finally feel less uncomfortable financially and there’s no guarantee of that if we moved home… That list goes on and on as well.

So that’s where I am at… Reconciling The Guilt, and trying to evict The Funk.

Once The Funk has moved onto a new locale, I’ll try to do justice to our trip and share all the gluten-free yumminess I had the joy of partaking in.  And all the feasts for our eyes! 


But until that… Funk, Funk, go away… Bother someone else, stop ruining my day! J


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