Step away from the scale, and don’t you dare look in the mirror!!!

This is my official post-vacation motto!!!


Starting with the weekend we drove to Vermont, I stopped counting calories.  We packed MinG friendly snacks, and away we went to the unknown.


We had Easter with my family…

We traveled Assisi and Rome with my mother-in-law and our tour group…

We enjoyed a few days in Vermont…


And back to Virginia we came!!


Italy was the easiest portion to remain GF during!  The tour guide was amazing and so on the ball.  She spoke to someone in charge at each restaurant, and I was safe and sound at each!  They brought me gluten free pasta with my own special sauces… or they would bring me an alternate meal…  I had lots of risotto and lots of gelato!!  It was a successful eating adventure!


However, my work pants are so snug today that Hubs asked if they were hemmed recently…


That’s not a good sign!!


Come to think of it… My “fat” jeans were a little snug as well…


That’s another not-so-hot sign!!!


You all know what that means!!!  Time to get more sleep and exercise in each day!!!


I’m giving up, for a while at least, counting calories.  It causes me stress and heart ache… It takes a lot of time to accurately record it… and I beat myself up when I remember, three days later that I had two bites of cheese that I did not record.  I’m just sticking to portion sizes and learning to finally hear my inner hunger/satiety commands.  It will take longer to get down to a weight I am happy with, but it’s more realistic and more important to develop that healthy relationship between my mind and tummy!!!


Now that it’s nice out, Hubs and I took the svelte Theron out for a walk this morning.  My work buddy and I took a 20 minute walk on lunch…  It’s so much easier to get out and about in nice weather!


More to come on the vacation… I’ve just got to dig through the mess of the first day back to work in 2 weeks!! J  HAPPY MONDAY


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