What a wonderful night!!

A quick glass of wine on the deck evolved into a wonderful evening to be cherished…
Ashley stopped over to meet The Fam.  Originally, she stopped over for a quick glass of Chateau Morrisette (www.thedogs.com).  Next thing you know, she’s hit it off fabulously… and it’s after 7:00 pm!!!  All while enjoying fresh salsa and chips on the deck, as Theron relaxed all cool on the deck. 🙂
Thinking ahead, as The Fam often does. Earlier in the day my beautiful family girls had picked up some nice steaks.  Hubs and I are complete failures with making steak at home.  So we just don’t tend to do it… However, we had The Grill-Masteress on hand, and she grilled them up good!
She also had made 2 kinds of potato salad, and snagged some green&yellow beans to have with dinner.
Another glass of wine for most of us… and dinner on the deck!!! 
What a fabulous way to spend a Thursday evening!
Today, it’s a half day at work for me… Leaving at 11:00 am… Then I’m off to meet The Fam for lunch, then to JCP to check out new tankini tops ( I have about a million bikinis, but so far this year, that would only work to scare away fellow kayakers 😦 ).  We have pedi’s scheduled at 6:00 pm…  And Hubs and I are thinking of having a grilled pizza night when us girls get home!
And then… I don’t return to work until WEDNESDAY!  HELLO 4.5 DAY WEEKEND!!  Vacation with my loved ones… How great is that?!?


Help with Motivation

I really want to be motivated, and follow through with healthiness, and working out, and being accountable to the world and myself…
I swear I do.
But I’m not doing any of those things.  😦
I’m not losing any weight, I’m not feeling any healthier, and I am not feeling like I’m taking care of myself.
It makes me feel like I’m not being my best self.  I hate that feeling more than anything else.  Truly. 
My best self… This means I’m feeling in control of my mind and my body.  It means I’m healthy feeling, light and clean.  It means I am content with who I am, and where I am leading myself to.  It means I am managing my stress, and managing my health/future.  It means things are rolling off of me, and I can handle life’s stressors.
Let the record state that while I am not feeling that I am my best self… I’m far from my worst self.  I’m so happy to have my family here.  I am so happy to be spending time and building memories.  I am enjoying my training at work… I feel really engaged and excited to start using my brain and feeling useful again.  I guess it’s just that I am just disappointed that I’m not doing my cardio and my strength-training workouts. 
Someone jumpstart my dedication to my health goals!!! 🙂  I want to be losing 1-2 lbs a week.  I want it, but I don’t seem to have the drive in me to work at it.
Tonight we’re going to grill steaks and enjoy our evening.  I only have 3 hours of work tomorrow and then I am off work until Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happiness is Family!!

We have had some undisclosable guests this week.
It’s been a source of joy for me.  I love having people that get me, and know me, and all that fun that comes along with it!
We’ve been wearing down the Greenway.  Two walks, two nights in a row!!!!  Theron’s even been swimming each time!   http://www.rvarc.org/maps/RoanokeRiver.pdf
I’ll be off of work starting at 11:00 am tomorrow, until Wednesday!!!
What’s on tap for that time you ask????
-Possibly Pirates of the Caribbean
-Kayaking, I’m hoping for at least 2 trips
-Greenway walks
-Good eats!!
Who knows what else will make it on the list!!!
The one thing I am slacking on is my health objectives.  I really need a hard kick in the pants to get me back on track… Any takers???
What motivates everyone else?  What keeps you sticking to it?  I’m not gaining, but certainly not losing either.
Happy Thursday!!

What a wonderful day!

I should have spent the day toiling over cleaning.  I should have been dusting.  I should have been vacuuming.  I should have been making rooms hospitable and homey.  I should have asked for a rainy day!!

We were up just after 6, and off we went for a walk and to preview the local yard sales.  It was pretty.  Shorts and a t!!
After that we had bagel sandwiches (Kinnikinnick, purchased on a whim by Hubs this morning as he was sent to the store for breakfast materials… for $0.99… If you live or buy GF, you know this is as close to a miracle as can be imagined. 🙂 )… ON THE DECK!!!!  We had the last of our GMCR Island Coconut…:(
I showered, and prettied up… Then I was off to a massage… This time, for the first time in 14 months, I was the recipient!!!!  It was delightful and I will definitely return. 
I raced home because it went over a bit, and I spoke with the owner for a while afterwards.  She was amazingly sweet.  I was late!  Hubs and I were to meet Ashley and Anthony for a bike ride!  Hubs and I were to ride down to meet them at the greenway.  Then we were to ride down the greenway to the hospital, get off and have lunch at The Fork in the Alley… This plan worked perfect, we actually went past the hospital to work up a little more hunger!  And those gluten hounds partook in Bubblecake after lunch…  Just the “babycakes”.  At the start of the greenway we went our own ways… Ash and Ant in car, us on our bikes home. 
Hubs and I were TUCKERED when we got home, so we sat out on our Adirondack chairs out front with Theron and Smores (she hates it, but will handle being on leash for a few minutes for delicious delicious outside)… Michele stopped over… Made us jealous with her talk of getting a new road bike.  Lucky girl!  🙂 
We went off to do our weekend grocering.  Great purchases made all around, and even with MinG-Impulse Purchases, we only went over by $1.16 ! 
We got home and I started in on dinner prep.  I sliced up zucchini, yellow squash, a vidalia, a few potatoes, and some peppers…  I whipped up a marinade… Fig preserves, spicy mustard, balsamic, EVOO, garlic salt, and a little canola oil.  Then handed all those things off to the GrillMaster. 
As he worked away outside, I got to work on a HUGE thing of organic basil we picked up at Krogs.  I made the BEST pesto…. I mean… Better than we had in Italy HANDS DOWN!!  After dinner on the deck, and dishes, here I am.  Sharing my awesome outdoorsy day!!

We’re off for a 2nd walk for Theron and an early bed time… Because tomorrow, I have to do all my shirked cleaning, and check out the Grandin Block Party (2pm-5pm).  It’s fun, so if you’re in the area, I think it’s from Windsor to Memorial… check it out!!!

Have a great night…

(Still no pictures, but Hubs has provided access to the camera again! 🙂 )

Missing Pictures

I’m missing having pictures of our beautiful meals to share.
Ever since the debacle with the last camera (It auto-adjusted itself right off a shelf into a mug of tea, ruining itself and the mug of tea in one foul swoop!), I’ve not really been as anxious to use our new one.  Plus, that one is pretty full of pictures from Italy. 
We’ve been having some gorgeous meals too!!

Like last night.  We had grilled tilapia, with a MinG Marinade (I kinda just winged it…. EVOO, Lime Juice, Agave Nectar, Garlic Salt, Fresh Cilantro from the deck, red pepper flakes) and Hubs grilled away.  We also had a veggie blend consisting of carrots, cauliflower and broccoli… and sautéed spinach.  Very colorful, and pretty it was.  Just practice your imagination skills. 🙂
This weekend we have a pretty ambitious to do list.
We have a bathroom to scrape the ceiling of.
We have some guest quarters to clean up.
We have a Farmer’s Market to attend.
Potentially we have a bike ride with friends.
We have weeding to do.
And general cleaning.
Wowzers right?!?  We are accepting applications for volunteers.  Just email me your credentials, and three character references.  🙂
On a sadder note… Have you ever had the experience where someone you’ve grown away from has a terrible event happen, and it completely shatters your heart for them?  Recently that happened for us.  It truly broke our hearts for them…  And we feel helpless as we’re no longer close enough to share the burden, but sincerely wish we could.  Our hearts, and prayers go out to this family. 
Tonight we’re hitting up Lowe’s/Home Depot before heading home to make pizza. 🙂  Wish us luck in both pursuits!

Union Memorial

The parking lot at work is freshly paved.  Or rather it is relatively freshly paved… as it was paved less than a month ago.  This morning it smelled like fresh rain on hot new pavement.  Usually this would make me think things like… “What kind of VOC’s is this yielding?”, “I wonder what damage this is doing to the neighboring farm?”, that kind of thing.  Today however, it transported me back to memories from times long ago.

I was back at Union Memorial School… I was remembering walking across the little parking lot, newly paved.  It was either early fall or late spring… but it was that same smell…  And then all I could think about was ELF (Does anyone else remember that??), running through the woods behind there with the Conant Clan, chasing boys around the playground (generally for the benefit of Heather J ), girl scouts, and more.

It is always so crazy to me when just one little moment now can whirl you back to 20 moments from years and years before.

It’s also amazing how easily that set me up for a great mood today.

Last night we got to bed late… NCIS and The Good Wife captured our attention… and my handsome husband made a fire in the fireplace. J  It was too cozy to go to bed on time.  (Yes, I do realize how weak that excuse is.)

This morning, we in turn, got out of bed late.

Which makes today a day of catching up with myself… and with my cleaning.  We have some guest rooms I want to get into order, and some general cleaning to make me feel less stressed.  Wish me luck!!


Breakfast was Cinnamon Chex… it’s the gluten free, adult version of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and I love it!!

The main item of my lunch today is a huge container of left over GF pasta with sauce and Cabot Tomato Basil Cheddar, which will probably also become tomorrow’s lunch. J

Dinner is TBD.


On the upside, I’m finding that it’s easier to stop when I am full when I don’t feel like I have to eat an entire portion of something.  I used to kind of feel like it was too hard to figure out the calorie count of something if I stopped with a fraction of it still on my plate… so I would eat what I measured, rather than what was needed for fullness.  It’s freeing, and nice.  The benefit is that I’m down 5 lbs from vacation… (Bear in mind I was up 10 in that time… so I’m still net up 5) 


Happy Tuesday!

Island Coconut

Last night we did make it to Dollar Monday!  It was super fun.  Since my dinner idea of rice with pasta sauce and cheese, topped with a poached egg sounded good to Hubs, he decided to forgo the dollar dogs at the ball park, and had the same as me. J  An evening out at the ball park only cost us $2!!!  And it was really entertaining… we were in the section we usually frequent… by the 3rd base line.  Shortly after we sat down… there were 2 different groups that flanked us (1 behind us, 1 in front of us)… they were both hilarious for different reasons.  The ones in front of us were college kids… frat boys mostly.  They were FUNNY.  One was braiding the hair of all the girls in their group. The group behind us was newly graduated folks… they were cute.  And the best parts were a group of boy scouts that were in the next section towards home plate from us!  The leaders and boys were in full regalia…. And very very proud of their boyscoutness… They were also ROWDY!!!!!  It was great people watching, as the Salem Sox lost, and we left early at 9:30 in the 8th inning.


This morning I woke up and at that point felt rested!  I hit the snooze just once, and then got Hubs out of Dreamland and we started our day.


I went on the exercise bike and did some legwork.  And STRETCHED!!  Stretching was needed and felt gooooooood!!!  It’s a good reminder that maybe; just maybe, my body is missing my yoga practice.


This morning was GMCR Island Coconut coffee and oats.  We had oats with maple syrup, sliced almonds and flaked coconut.  The most delicious combo as of late.  We’re getting low on our Island Coconut. L  I haven’t been able to find it anywhere down here. L  Just another reason to miss my home state.  Boo!!!!


Now that I’m on with reality and the day… My brain feels like it’s full of cobwebs, and I’m a little fuzzy around the edges.  I can feel the beginnings of a headache. L  Not enough Island Coconut I suspect.   I’ll have to settle for some Morning Thunder (Celestial Seasonings Black Tea with Mate)… I keep a good supply in my desk at all times.  I got a good deal at www.mothernature.com on a big box of it. J 


Well, onto my work for the day!!!  My current role at my day job has me on a team with two other lovely ladies.  One of which I suspect will be out of the office today as she went home sick yesterday, and the other is out until 2:00 pm with appointments.  This leaves me with taking primary for most of the day.  Come 2:00 PM though… This girl is racing home to Theron for his lunch walk!!!  J  Can you tell I’m already looking forward to that???


Happy Tuesday!