Thirsty Thursday

I have been feeling under-hydrated for about a week now!!  It all started with training last week and really reached the crescendo with the trip to Charlotte last week…  The small deficit started from having peer based training M-W last week… so both myself and my bladder were at the mercy of someone else’s schedule.  Then Th & F I had very minimal time to use the restroom, and had to hydrate accordingly.  Cut to this week… Monday was a sick day.  Tuesday and Wednesday we had training sessions here…  What’s a girl like me to do?!?  It impacts so much to be hydrated… the health of my skin, my headaches occur less, the body heals faster, how much better I feel when I wake up the next day…  So much!!!


I’ve had two of my 32 oz water bottles and feel so much better.  Here’s to hoping I can keep this trend going with training (again!!!) this afternoon.    


I had a really poor workout this morning.  I’m blaming it on the lack of hydration and some hold-over yuckiness!  I’m feeling a little sick still from bad for me grub in Charlotte and at the winery this past weekend.  I’m trying to eat super clean and healthy today to give the poor system a rest before we head home for Easter and then off to Italy!!! J 


Hope everyone’s having a good day so far!


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