Inner Strength

Today’s Motto:  “You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” A.A. Milne


We all have times where live has unfolded in a way that is unexpected and pleasant.  And then we have times where life has unfolded and in ways that are painful, and rotten.  I find that with the later, although it is painful and generally not pleasant at all that once it has completely unfolded it is in a way you could learn from and grow from… if that’s the CHOICE you make.    I choose to always try to learn from things that unfold; good or bad.   (Occasionally with reminders from those I hold near and dear to do soJ)


That is why I know I am:

braver than I believe myself to be…

stronger than I seem, especially today when I feel weak and low…

smarter than I think… I know I can learn from anything… it’s all a choice.


That’s really what I tend to distill my life down to… Choices…  You can choose what you put in your body, and what it gives back… You can choose to make mental, physical and emotionally healthy choices…  For example… with my gluten issue, yes I could still chose to eat gluten, but I would know that choice’s consequence. 


Each day there are a multitude of choices that we can make.  Some are apparent, and pretty black and white… eat gluten/do not eat gluten… others are not as readily apparent…  which allow for a girl like me to have some issues with finding balance.  I can see gray, but usually only when I’m looking at someone else’s palate. 


Today I’m pulling as much strength as I can from my reserves.  I’m trying to make my choices healthy ones as each situation comes my way.  Healthy choices mentally, physically, emotionally.  Sometimes that does require making a hard choice one does not want to make… but those choices, and CHOSING those choices, are what build our strength. 


Take today to choose to grow stronger.  Be it by exercising your body, or your willpower. 


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