Weekend Blahs….

Thursday and Friday were filled with meetings in Charlotte.  Conversion planning… It was a nice trip.  Exceeded my expectations.  There wasn’t a ton I could eat… but I did have half a cow at Fleming’s. 🙂 Almost the whole group from the meeting went.  Business trip highlights include:

  • Meeting the area manager from one of the other groups at the meeting… I have worked with her since 2008 and finally got to meet her!
  • My friend Mark.  We became friends about that same time (2008) when he was in a previous position and we worked together daily and have stayed friends ever since.  He works and lives in Charlotte.  He gave me a tour around the buildings our company is housed in, and showed me his workspace and a little of their Alive After 5 thing they do…  He’s seriously the NICEST guy in the world.  And his friends I got to meet were as well!!!  He made me feel right at home in the city.  (THANKS MARK!!!!)
  • Dinner with all those big wigs at my bank…. 
  • Oh and getting some details hammered out… of course…

The low lights…

  • Eating so much beef!!  I was up sick all night long Thursday night… I was sick every 30 minutes… 😦  No sleep for the wicked I suppose. 
  • Being so tired I felt useless Friday…
  • Still feeling yucky today….
  • Little/No workout on Friday morning…(Well it was a sad attempt at some Yoga…  20 minutes or so.)
  • Hubs getting his front left tooth knocked out in Bball, and then spending all day Friday racing between the dentists and the oral surgeons and back…

This morning I braved the torrential downpour for an 11 am massage… other than that… I read, ate a lot of junk… and generally felt like a waste of space.  We did take advantage of a break in the rain around 2, and took a short walk with T.  Today was supposed to be a BIG day for packing for Italy… Sick hubs and yucky Min G stopped that plan in it’s tracks.

Tomorrow is GO GO GO!!!  It’ll be a day to catch up, and to got to Chateau Morrisette and attend the Spring Open House… Also, we have to do the packing we skipped out on today…. WISH ME LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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