The love you take is equal to the love you make… Thanks John, Paul, George and Ringo! :)

Is it weird to love love love that there is such a thing as a blog?  Some place I can pour my little heart out, and share my inner workings… all while hiding beneath the cloak of the Internet???

I love that my Body Love post has made an impact beyond me just sharing what was in my heart.  I think far too many people keep that which is in their heart just in their heart.  I find if I live from my heart, and share it’s contents… Good, bad, indifferent… I don’t feel emptier for sharing it, but rather more full. Yes, that does require chosing vulnerability… and that is a huge act of bravery…  but the reward is worth it.  It allows me to be living a fuller, more complete life. 

Tomorrow I am leaving for a business trip to Charlotte.  I am going with a peer, a former manager, and my manager’s (and former manager’s)…. For a lot of reasons I am actually filled with a huge amount of dread and apprehension.  To compound it, I have to be in the parking lot at work at 7:30 tomorrow, and won’t be done with the day until 8:30 at night, and then have to get up and be game-face ready for 8:00 am in a hotel without my hubby to snuggle, and without a gym to work out in… If you can send luck, happiness, joy my way tomorrow and Friday that would be excellent!!!

To celebrate our last weeknight together… Hubs and I had a wine and cheese night.  We had the rest of the sparkling malbec from Sunday, and lots and lots of goodies!!!!

Cabot Seriously Sharp Cheddar
Cabot Hunter’s Sharp Cheddar
Sole Gran Queso
1000 Day Gouda

And Pickles!!
Claussens sandwich stackers
Mt. Olive Garlic Spears

Glutino GF Crackers

Napa Valley Olives

And for dessert…. toasted and cut into bit sized pieces Pamela’s Bread… with a pumpkin cream cheese

Now we’re off to take a late walk with Theron…  and to bed so I can try to get on the treadmill before heading to Charlotte 😦


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