Monday Madness!!!

Our Monday did seem to start out of madness!!!  I set the alarm last night like a good little girl.  I set it for 5:30…  The problem was I set it for PM!!  Blast!!  Thank goodness I woke up at 6:45 on my own.  We didn’t have ton of time, and it was supposed to be a nice day today… so I asked Hubs if we could walk T around the ‘hood.  Which he happily agreed to!  We had a nice little morning walk.  I took a quick shower, which was followed by some coffee, a poached egg and toast.  I was still hungry so I had some gorilla munch to go! 
I got to work a little later than I preferred, but sometimes that happens.  Today was a decent day at work…  I took a walk with my little work buddy, so we had some time to enjoy the sunshine!!
I got out on time… and came home to finish packing for a business trip to Charlotte this Thursday and Friday.  And to start laying clothes out to pack for Italy.  Wait… Italy??? Yes, Italy.  We are going to Italy with my MIL for the beautification of Pope John Paul II and for some tourism!  I’ve never been out of North America, so I am super duper excited.  Later this month, we’ll travel up to VT, deposit the dog at Hedonist Camp (my moms, where he’s spoiled), then head out to Italy with my MIL.  We’ll return and get to spend time with my FIL (I think this might be the only chance to see him this year!).  We’re very excited.   
Tonight we’re back to the regular weekday meal schedule…  Rice, tofu, veggies…  YUM!
And since it’s in the 80’s… and it makes us happy… We went for a bike ride down past the Grandin to the Greenway and went by the very high, very flowing Roanoke River.
And now we’re back home to relax, and head to bed. 
Happy SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AND!!!!  WAY TO GO PAULA AND MELISSA!!!!!!!  They did a great job with a ½ marathon this weekend. I’m impressed and inspired!

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