Another lumped-together Weekend Update. :)

Gosh, I really feel remiss on my blogging!!
Friday was a simple day; Pizza Night as per usual.  We had mozz, pepper jack and tomatoes on it… with the customary extra addition of parm at the end.  We enjoyed that while watching Futurama!!!  That got followed up by that evil TV Monster attacking the rest of the evening.  We didn’t get to bed until 11:30, and didn’t have a thing to show for it!!
Saturday was impacted by Friday’s late night.  We got up later than I planned.  I have to do a lot of planning on Saturdays if I am to work out before heading off to my massage appointments.  Saturday was no different….  We did get up a little late but I thought I’d have time to bike and do some Pilates and stretching…  Theron the Sick Dog had other plans.  The poor guy threw up again, all over the carpet in the basement.  Most of the morning was spent doing that.  I made myself do about 20 minutes on the bike… but had to call it off early to get cleaned up and ready for my massage appointments.   How many appointments might you ask??  Well, so glad you asked… It was an all-time high for me… 3 in one day.  That’s the most I’ve had since graduating (I had that many in clinics).  The second one was so good, that she tacked on an additional half hour!!!  Go me!!!!!!!!
I was super proactive when I got home and started a pan of lasagna.  Unfortunately, I forgot about adding the ricotta that was hanging out in the fridge for just this purpose.  Oh well, such is life.  I even got the lasagna into the oven… and started it.  Hubs and I decided that we were going to run to Home Depot “real quick” and pick up some annuals that were on sale for $0.58 each!!  We got to the bottom of the hill, and realized we also needed to do a CVS run.  We turned around, I shut off the oven removed the lasagna and put it in the fridge for Sunday.
Home Depot and CVS were both smashing successes!!!  We got enough plants to fill our planters on our front stoop, as well as a hanging basket, three other planters and still had some left over for under the maple out front!!  (Planting was all done on Sunday… Saturday was cold, wet and miserable!)  However, that brought us to about 7:30 pm… and baking lasagna for 50 minutes before eating was not reasonable. 

Instead we did something I’d been dreaming about for weeks now… we made sandwiches!!!  Really really good ones!!!
We got Boar’s Head Ovengold turkey and Boar’s Head provolone (both on sale… and always GF).  Hubs had made some bread while I was working the day away.  We had lettuce, and tomatoes in house… as well as some Claussen’s Sandwich Stackers…  We also had some avocados… And so we built the gorgeous, delicious and oh, so satisfying sandwiches you see below!!

After that, it was time for bed.  We wanted to be up and at’em in the morning.
Sunday was supposed to be in the 80’s and sunny… but when we got up it was kind of misty and foggy, and I thought the weather guy was a LIAR!!!!  We ate breakfast… went on a walk with Theron… then Hubs went to grocer, and I did something amazing…  I ran on the treadmill.  I walked a quarter mile to warm up, and then I ran… I ran 4 miles… yes, you totally read that right… 4 miles!  And then I cooled down for another quarter mile.  I can not express my happiness at that. I can’t recall the last time I ran that much.  At first I just planned to see if I could run 3.2 (5K), to see if it would be feasible to try to do a 5K this summer…  But then I remembered there was a 4 mile race on July 4th… and once I hit 3.2, I just decided to see if I could do 4.  I am so glad I did.  That inspired me to sign both of us up for the 4 on the 4th race.  I’ve never entered a race before so this is very exciting. 
Lunch was a MinG invention…  A banana pudding shake… It was really good. 

Banana Pudding Shake
2 Servings
2 Small Bananas
½ cup sliced almonds
2 tbsp hemp protein powder
4 tbsp Banana Cream Pudding Mix
Ice to preference
2 tbsp coconut for topping
Add everything but the coconut, blend until smooth.
Nutrition, per Serving:
Calories: 312
Carbs: 52 g
Fat: 11 g
Protein: 8 g
Fiber: 8 g
Calcium: 16 mg
After lunch we attacked the front and side yard!  I planted all our booty from Home Depot on Saturday.  Hubs weeded the side yard like a mad man! I planted about 30 bulbs…  Things are looking super springy!!  Towards the end, when we were running out of gas, I threw the lasagna into the oven… and we made a salad and some garlic bread.
The salad was OUTSTANDING!!!  Romaine lettuce, with mozz, feta, sliced tomatoes, basil, garlic salt and sprinkled with balsamic vinegar.  I call it my Caprese Salad, and think everyone should try it!!!!
We also had a sparkling Malbec.  I thought it was unusual and good, but Hubs commented little to none on it, so I’m thinking he didn’t prefer it!  I guess I get to have the rest of the bottle myself then!
We ate dinner on the deck, and stayed out afterwards to read… it was so nice.  I’m rereading The Secret Garden.   We read for a bit and let the sun beat down on us…  It was amazing, like a two hour vacation.
We wanted to take a short walk after dinner, so we went down to the Grandin area, and back.  It was nice!  We saw one of my co-workers, his wife and their dog across the street and waved. Today he reported that they barely noticed us with being all but mesmerized by Theron’s amazing prancing with a huge grin on his face!!! 
Before bed we had an apple pear, which we split…, and some Gouda and crackers.  We fell asleep so happy after a wonderful weekend!!
Weekend Cuteness:

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