What a night….

Right after posting last night… a most terrible thing occurred..

Theron got sick… twice in the foyer… 😦

We went upstairs to bed…  Hubs came home from b-ball… and Theron got sick four more times in the bedroom.

That was the beginning of a very long night, with a sick puppy every two hours.

Today, we are pretttty exhausted.

Tonight was Pizza Night.  It looked pretty!!  It was mozz, pepper jack, feta and tomatoes… then with grated parm… It was extra saucy so Hubs was happy. 

Then i made a super “dessert”.  I blended a frozen banana, frozen berries, coconut milk with a little vanilla extract.  I made it nice and thick and poured it into two bowls.  Topped it with a teaspoon of hemp powder each.. and some extra frozen berries.  I soaked my last bits up with that awesome granola I made earlier this week.

Hubs decided to make the granola a staple in the GFMG Household!

We’re super tired from Sick Puppy Patrol… and I have three, count ’em, three massages scheduled tomorrow.  I need my rest!!!!!!

Let’s start this weekend off well!!!

Can everyone give a little prayer, positivity, joyful thought, something for PaulaMelissa tomorrow… Paula’s running her first 1/2 marathon and Melissa’s running coming right off of an injury!!!  Throw some love their way around 9:00-11:30!!  So impressed with them! 


2 thoughts on “What a night….

  1. Sirius was sick the other day too and so was his best friend FURever Sebastian. What is up with these sickly dogs 😦 hope yours is feeling much better. SWP sure is! Thanks for the positivity. It must have worked because Paula and I rocked it!!!!

  2. I love that… His best friend furever. 🙂 T's better. He's a sensitive little guy… 🙂 You girls are awesome!!! So impressed, and soo happy for you that your injury is on the mend!

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