I’m back baby!!!

I have been thinking for some time now that I eat too much during the workday because I was bored… I wasn’t feeling stimulated because I wasn’t learning new stuff. 

However, this week, I’ve been bored at times with my trainer being away with other duties, and meetings… So I’d expect I would be eating like crazy and donating my entire paycheck to the cafeteria… But ohhhhhh no… I have organized the crap out of my desk, my email, made training binders, all sorts of stuff….  And I haven’t completed my entire lunch a single day.  I can actually feel hunger and non-hunger during the day again… Even with being “hormonal”. 

I think that what I thought was just hunger from boredom, was also because I was miserable and saw no options to make it better… this had me trying to make myself happier and less stressed by eating.  Which actually, had been making me less happy, and much more stressed…  I feel like a brand new woman!!

Want to see how pretty and organized my desk is??????  I thought so!!!

Left side, under desk

Right side, under desk
Organized files!!

Bottom drawer, left cabinet

Food stuffs drawer, right cabinet

Purse drawer

Left side of desk
Right side of desk

Today I scooted home to take T out on my lunch… It was super pretty.  T-shirt and capri weather.  I even opened all the windows in the house before I went back to work…

When I got home it was 81F!!!  Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!  I asked Hubs if I should run on the treadmill, or if I should go outside.  He said outside… totally.  So that’s what I did!  I will say this…  Running on real ground is SO MUCH HARDER than running on a treadmill.  Treadmills seem designed to help move you forward because that is the direction of the belt.  I tell you what… the ground does.not.care what direction you go!! You could stand still and it would make NO DIFFERENCE to the ground….  Crazy!

Hubs made dinner while I waged war with the neighborhood sidewalks…  Sweet potatoes paired with  Mexican veggies with tofu.  Honestly, I wish I had only had him make half a potato, I was full after the tofu and veggies!!!

Theron needed his 2nd trot, so off he and I went. while Hubs filled the dishwasher and got geared up for b-ball.  We saw him on our way back and his way out!

Is it weird to have a favorite fruit slicing knife??? Is it even weirder to photograph it?  Well, I’m weird then!!!

I had a pear apple and some chamomille tea.  So nice.

After this is posted, I’m going to take a nice long bath… with Epsom’s salt and bubble bath. 

Want to see my to-do list and my rockin’ art skills?  Can this count as the daily cuteness??

PS!!  SHOUT OUT to the Green Mountain Runner, she’s now a follower of GFMG!!!  If you haven’t checked out her blog…. here you go!!!
PPS!!!  The granola is still rocking my world in my plain yogurt… High light of my lunchings!!

One thought on “I’m back baby!!!

  1. 1. thanks for the shout out! I feel loved! haha.2. I have never known anyone to rock epson salt in the tub except for me. I LOVE IT. I try to convince others but they don't believe me!!!!3. When running on the treadmill put the incline up at 1.0 that way it simulates more to how it is running outdoors. I started doing it fairly recently and feel like it definitely helps and bonus i feel like I am faster outside without the constant incline 🙂

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