Water, water everywhere… and man… that girl can drink!!!

For those who know me well, I have an almost unquenchable thirst. It’s the reason that new doctors always want to check for diabetes, it’s the reason I pee more than should be humanly possible, and I honestly wonder if I replaced cigarettes with water when I quit smoking!!!

This is what my drinking day looks like…

Fill up water bottle at sink before going down to basement gym… drink half of water bottle, refill…. 11 ounces down…

Drink water bottle while biking or treading… 22 more ounces, 33 total…
Drink coffee while strength training (don’t judge — I love coffee šŸ™‚ )…

Drink water with breakfast… Pint glass. Another 16 ounces down… total is up to 49 ounces…

Get to work, wait for my favorite worktime buddy to arrive… go to the caf’, fill up my water bottle and tea mug… new water bottle is 33.8 ounces, tea is 24 ounces… up to 106.8 ounces.

Abut 45 – 60 minutes later, water is empty, tea is halfway empty… REFILL TIME… 33.8 water, 12 tea… 118.8 ounces total

I refill about 3 more times during the day after that… 3 x (33.8 + 12)… 137.4… Up to 256.2 ounces total.

I get home and have 16 ounces more with dinner of water, and then usually one more after our evening walk, and a mug of decaf tea… 44 more ounces…

This brings my daily grand total to: 300.2 ounces, or 2.35 gallons.

I love to drink. šŸ™‚ (And you thought it was just wine I loved!!!)

This is my great new toy that allows me to better track my waterage… See those white marks?? Those are ounce markers!!

Just letting you know what a day in the life of a water addict looks like!!!

For the record, Hubs is the antithesis of a water addict. It’s mortifying for a water-lover like myself. Shameful.

Good thing I likes him so much… and he makes me pretty dinners like the one below!!

Got peppers about to turn yuck-ified??? No problem, slice ’em up and throw ’em in your cast iron pan to get all charred and nice. Got some GF pasta?? Why not throw that in some boiling water! While you’re at it warm up some pasta sauce from yesterday in the fridge. Heck, take it to the limit and toast a piece of GF bread, top it with some sb (smart balance), a lil garlic salt and some mozz… throw that in the broiler for a few… What do you have??? A freakin awesome dinner… šŸ™‚

We got up late again this morning, I had an “express” work out. Not looking for a repeat tomorrow. I’m pretty hormonal and cravy, so I am hoping a good solid workout will combat that.


Daily Cuteness: My blogtastic helper cat. šŸ™‚


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