Let’s get you current with the life and times of Gluten Free MinG!

Let’s get you current with the life and times of Gluten Free MinG!

Thursday was one of the most stressful 4-6 days of the year for my department at the bank.  Quarter ends, and the last couple days of the year mean we are BUSY!!!  We have to try to post as many payments as possible and those payments peak at month, quarter and year ends….  March 31st hits two of them… The month end and quarter end ones… 

I still got to go home to trot T with lunch…  It wasn’t raining much at that point… Hubs met us for a lunch time leg stretcher, and then both my boys gave me sad eyes when I had to head right back to the grind.

I didn’t get home until later than expected.  It was rainy (which you know i love since it means I get to wear my mudboots!!!), so we took a rainy walk and had dinner before Hubs went to b-ball.  You can see Theron was ready for the cold wet walk!! I wish so badly I had gotten a pic of him and Hubs… Hubs’ rain jacket is red as well. 🙂 I went to bed.  I was worn out!!

Friday was a very very good day.  It was busy, and confusing… but it was my last day in syndications.  Syndications was a very rewarding process to work on, but I’m the type of girl that after a while, i need a new challenge or I get dull… and to be honest, I was getting dull.  Starting Monday though… I get to learn a whole new bunch of stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!  HOOORAYYY!!

And then there was the added bonus of Pizza Night!!!

In honor of my great job situation, we had a happy hour of veggie Pirate’s Booty and Chateau Morrisette’s Black Dog… while watching Futurama, Vol. 3….Perfecto!

We ran out of pizza sauce, so we put on the crust low fat onion and chive cream cheese… We topped that with mushrooms, green peppers, red onions and tomatoes… at the end, we added some shredded parm…

I love pizza.  I love love love pizza.  You might not realize it, but pizza totally rocks my world…

I had an early-ish massage scheduled, so early to bed it was.  I wanted to make sure I had time to work out, shower and fuel up before heading out.


I was up at 6:20 am.  Yes… You totally read that right….
I also busted out a run on the treadmill…  5 min warm up, 20 min running (including doing intervals of inclines), 5 min cool down.  I can not tell you how great it felt to run that much.  This tiger tail is a godsend… If you have any kind of muscle problems you can’t work out yourself… I totally suggest this… (Crazy huh?  Coming from a Certified Massage Therapist that’s really sayin’ something!!) 
I never do upper body strength training on Saturdays that I have massages scheduled… I received one once from someone who had and their arms shook the whole time… Not very relaxing.  But I did get some pilates in, and knee work.
Hubs was awesome as usual, and while I treaded, he whipped up some delicious delicious coffee.  He was off to get the X (Xterra) inspected and have the oil change.  While he was gone, I finished my workout, showered, fueled and was on my way….  On my way to a cancelled massage. 😦

When I got there they let me know they had just tried to call me and let me know the client was sick, and cancelled.  Which gave me an excellent window of time to clean the house without Hubs underfoot.  I even got to Windex the doors and mirrors around the house!!

After lunch we had a CVS run (looking for travel sized stuff for Italy) and a Lowe’s run.  We ran into one of my coworkers at Lowes, and sat down on some yard furniture and pretended to have a cookout. 🙂  We also finally got an ash bucket, so Hubs can clean out his ash-hole (hahaha, I love that one… I invented it.  We don’t have a regular fire place set up, we just have a little hod to bank ashes in but it doesn’t go anywhere… So I call that his ash-hole).

Those are the handsome men I ran errands with… 🙂

We also hit up Wine Gourmet for their Saturday wine tasting and to price some wines out. 

I have been talking about, and craving, Mexican like a mad woman!!!  Finally it got to Hubs and he wanted it too!!  We went for an early dinner and ate toooooooooo much.  I still had left overs today, and had enough still left over that Hubs and I will be having that tomorrow in our lunches!!!  Here’s a disclaimer moment for you… We’ve frequented the Mexican places around here quite a bit.  At first it was mostly me risking it and seeing if i had a reaction.  After time, and asking questions…  I usually go out on a limb and take an educated risk.  I had no reaction.  This is one of the stupid things i do with regards to my health… Don’t try this at home, kids! 🙂


Whew… Now we’re up to today… not tired of reading yet right????

Today I had another great run… took the running time up to 22 minutes.  Yes, to some that might not seem like a huge deal… but to me, with my busted Achilles situation holding me back for a few years it’s HUGE!!!  MONUMENTAL EVEN!!  So just roll with it. 🙂  Hubs hit up Kroger while that was going on.  I can not be trusted in a grocery store.  Somehow as soon as I see baby wipes on clearance, i need 50 of them.  (Substitute baby wipes with anything else that I logically do not need).  Therefore, Hubs goes without me.  this keeps us in budget, and actually getting mostly stuff we actually need. 

When he came back we had perfect poached eggs with toast… I mean, they were so pretty!!  We also had coffee and Stonyfield’s Low fat Strawberry yogurt… al fresco…. 🙂  In shorts…

We still hadn’t found a lot of what we needed for travel supplies for Italy.  We needed some luggage locks for the room, some TSA approved travel bottles, that kind of stuff.  We also found a T-Shirt that said Breathe!!!  Hubs spotted it, and we knew we had to snag it.  If you ever, ever find cool stuff with my business name on it… LET ME KNOW!!!  🙂

We also went to Petsmart (It’s conveniently right next to Target!).  We got T some new food.  It’s Nutro Natural Choice Grain FreeFood and I’m super excited.  I love having GF good to give Theron.  It really works better for his system (Believe it or not!  He and I are very similar creatures), and I don’t have to worry about cross contamination!  Now if only we can find something similar for Ms. Smores. We also had to get K9 Advantix because we’re expecting a really tick-y summer. 😦 

We got home, and had leftover Mexican in our Adirondack chairs out front…  Yum!  We went off for a walk after that.  I really wish I could find a way to channel the happiness and joy the walks around where we live bring me, and so I could share that with everyone. 

When we got home, I knew I had to change the sheets and vacuum the bedroom.  Theron spends most his time there, and we are bad pet owners and let him up at the end of the bed.  Hubs wanted to mow the grass… As you could see in your breakfast pictures, it was poking through the slats of our chairs!!!

Dinner was a BIG SALAD.  I love love love salad… and this one was really interesting.  We didn’t even need dressing!

Here’s the breakdown:
Grilled Asparagus
Grilled Portabellos
Boar’s Head Rosemary and Sundried Tomato Ham (GF!!!!  All their meats are!)
Green Pepper
Red Onion
Hubs also had cheese!!

We had extra asparagus on the side. 🙂

I just watered the houseplants, had some yogurt with sliced almonds and am pooped!!!  I can’t wait to snuggle down in nice fresh sheets!!!
Oh and I’m sure you’re curious about the Excellent Challenge, and the weigh in…  Let’s just say a certain little Gluten Free Min G had a 3 lb loss this week!!!  😉  Let’s keep it coming I say!

Things are feeling nice and balanced at the end of the week here.  I’m going to really be hard put to find some new goals.  The sleep schedule is improved, but as you can tell from the posting time, not perfected.  Guess that rolls forward… again…. 

Speaking of sleep…………. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………

And some daily cuteness…. This is what our pathetic puppy looks like when on the deck, waiting for his true love Hank next door to go outside (who he’s never met but admires from afar).  Please ignore the haze, i blame it on the tea that is probably permanently part of the camera ever since I dunked it in it. 🙂


One thought on “Let’s get you current with the life and times of Gluten Free MinG!

  1. Mindy I loved catching up with your days!!! Im VERY proud of your "treading" sessions and not giving up!!! It is MONUMENTAL!!! Way to rock the challenge this week and I know you will continue to succeed 🙂 XOXO

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