Quick Post!!

Expect a full posting with lots of updates from the past couple of days tomorrow (Okay, well, updates in the form of highlights from those days… Full disclosure of every bit would be excessive and become boring quick!!) .

This weekend has been great!  It started out with my last day working on the Syndicaitons process, and starting to move my desk to my new area at work!!!  Can I get a “hip, hip hooray”????

With all the stress I’ve been feeling….  Hubs and i really needed some time to just spend time together… without rushing to b-ball for him, to work for either of us, with me ranting about work… and that’s what we got today!!!

We went to dinner at El Rodeo’s… (Mexican) and ate more than we should have… Way to go the day before a Weigh-In for Paula’s Excellent Challenge.  I’m still full almost 3 hours later!! And we even took a brisk walk after dinner.  🙂  But man was it yummy!  We did decide from here on out, we split entrees at Mexican places.  Now I’m off to drink some decaf Caffe Verona Coffee – Mine with coconut milk, hubs with Chocovine, the raspberry one.  I don’t advise it plain, but it totally rocks in coffee or hot cho-cho.   Oh and sit in front of the roaring fire and read some Redwall… 🙂  THINKING OF YOU LARA!!!



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