Thirsty Thursday

I have been feeling under-hydrated for about a week now!!  It all started with training last week and really reached the crescendo with the trip to Charlotte last week…  The small deficit started from having peer based training M-W last week… so both myself and my bladder were at the mercy of someone else’s schedule.  Then Th & F I had very minimal time to use the restroom, and had to hydrate accordingly.  Cut to this week… Monday was a sick day.  Tuesday and Wednesday we had training sessions here…  What’s a girl like me to do?!?  It impacts so much to be hydrated… the health of my skin, my headaches occur less, the body heals faster, how much better I feel when I wake up the next day…  So much!!!


I’ve had two of my 32 oz water bottles and feel so much better.  Here’s to hoping I can keep this trend going with training (again!!!) this afternoon.    


I had a really poor workout this morning.  I’m blaming it on the lack of hydration and some hold-over yuckiness!  I’m feeling a little sick still from bad for me grub in Charlotte and at the winery this past weekend.  I’m trying to eat super clean and healthy today to give the poor system a rest before we head home for Easter and then off to Italy!!! J 


Hope everyone’s having a good day so far!


I would say oooh lalaLAlalalala!!!

Tonight is “Pre-Vacation Cleaning” Night.

I’m a big fan of coming home to as clean a home as possible.  It will be full of fur from the animals when we get back…  But hopefully all I will have to do is dust and vac then!!

So tonight’s dinner is a quick Namaste Pizza… I am obsessed…. OBSESSED!

Followed by massive cleaning while streaming The Point… (who had Grace Potter and “I Would Say Oooh La La” on when I started this) and I am hoping there’s a few minutes left over for Theron’s walk!!!

Camera’s packed up, so no pizza pictures… 😦  But look here, here, here, here, here… to get the idea. 🙂

Happy Cleaning to me!

Inner Strength

Today’s Motto:  “You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” A.A. Milne


We all have times where live has unfolded in a way that is unexpected and pleasant.  And then we have times where life has unfolded and in ways that are painful, and rotten.  I find that with the later, although it is painful and generally not pleasant at all that once it has completely unfolded it is in a way you could learn from and grow from… if that’s the CHOICE you make.    I choose to always try to learn from things that unfold; good or bad.   (Occasionally with reminders from those I hold near and dear to do soJ)


That is why I know I am:

braver than I believe myself to be…

stronger than I seem, especially today when I feel weak and low…

smarter than I think… I know I can learn from anything… it’s all a choice.


That’s really what I tend to distill my life down to… Choices…  You can choose what you put in your body, and what it gives back… You can choose to make mental, physical and emotionally healthy choices…  For example… with my gluten issue, yes I could still chose to eat gluten, but I would know that choice’s consequence. 


Each day there are a multitude of choices that we can make.  Some are apparent, and pretty black and white… eat gluten/do not eat gluten… others are not as readily apparent…  which allow for a girl like me to have some issues with finding balance.  I can see gray, but usually only when I’m looking at someone else’s palate. 


Today I’m pulling as much strength as I can from my reserves.  I’m trying to make my choices healthy ones as each situation comes my way.  Healthy choices mentally, physically, emotionally.  Sometimes that does require making a hard choice one does not want to make… but those choices, and CHOSING those choices, are what build our strength. 


Take today to choose to grow stronger.  Be it by exercising your body, or your willpower. 

Weekend Blahs….

Thursday and Friday were filled with meetings in Charlotte.  Conversion planning… It was a nice trip.  Exceeded my expectations.  There wasn’t a ton I could eat… but I did have half a cow at Fleming’s. 🙂 Almost the whole group from the meeting went.  Business trip highlights include:

  • Meeting the area manager from one of the other groups at the meeting… I have worked with her since 2008 and finally got to meet her!
  • My friend Mark.  We became friends about that same time (2008) when he was in a previous position and we worked together daily and have stayed friends ever since.  He works and lives in Charlotte.  He gave me a tour around the buildings our company is housed in, and showed me his workspace and a little of their Alive After 5 thing they do…  He’s seriously the NICEST guy in the world.  And his friends I got to meet were as well!!!  He made me feel right at home in the city.  (THANKS MARK!!!!)
  • Dinner with all those big wigs at my bank…. 
  • Oh and getting some details hammered out… of course…

The low lights…

  • Eating so much beef!!  I was up sick all night long Thursday night… I was sick every 30 minutes… 😦  No sleep for the wicked I suppose. 
  • Being so tired I felt useless Friday…
  • Still feeling yucky today….
  • Little/No workout on Friday morning…(Well it was a sad attempt at some Yoga…  20 minutes or so.)
  • Hubs getting his front left tooth knocked out in Bball, and then spending all day Friday racing between the dentists and the oral surgeons and back…

This morning I braved the torrential downpour for an 11 am massage… other than that… I read, ate a lot of junk… and generally felt like a waste of space.  We did take advantage of a break in the rain around 2, and took a short walk with T.  Today was supposed to be a BIG day for packing for Italy… Sick hubs and yucky Min G stopped that plan in it’s tracks.

Tomorrow is GO GO GO!!!  It’ll be a day to catch up, and to got to Chateau Morrisette and attend the Spring Open House… Also, we have to do the packing we skipped out on today…. WISH ME LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The love you take is equal to the love you make… Thanks John, Paul, George and Ringo! :)

Is it weird to love love love that there is such a thing as a blog?  Some place I can pour my little heart out, and share my inner workings… all while hiding beneath the cloak of the Internet???

I love that my Body Love post has made an impact beyond me just sharing what was in my heart.  I think far too many people keep that which is in their heart just in their heart.  I find if I live from my heart, and share it’s contents… Good, bad, indifferent… I don’t feel emptier for sharing it, but rather more full. Yes, that does require chosing vulnerability… and that is a huge act of bravery…  but the reward is worth it.  It allows me to be living a fuller, more complete life. 

Tomorrow I am leaving for a business trip to Charlotte.  I am going with a peer, a former manager, and my manager’s (and former manager’s)…. For a lot of reasons I am actually filled with a huge amount of dread and apprehension.  To compound it, I have to be in the parking lot at work at 7:30 tomorrow, and won’t be done with the day until 8:30 at night, and then have to get up and be game-face ready for 8:00 am in a hotel without my hubby to snuggle, and without a gym to work out in… If you can send luck, happiness, joy my way tomorrow and Friday that would be excellent!!!

To celebrate our last weeknight together… Hubs and I had a wine and cheese night.  We had the rest of the sparkling malbec from Sunday, and lots and lots of goodies!!!!

Cabot Seriously Sharp Cheddar
Cabot Hunter’s Sharp Cheddar
Sole Gran Queso
1000 Day Gouda

And Pickles!!
Claussens sandwich stackers
Mt. Olive Garlic Spears

Glutino GF Crackers

Napa Valley Olives

And for dessert…. toasted and cut into bit sized pieces Pamela’s Bread… with a pumpkin cream cheese

Now we’re off to take a late walk with Theron…  and to bed so I can try to get on the treadmill before heading to Charlotte 😦

Body Love…

So as you may, or may not have notice, I’m not losing any weight lately (See MG on Paula’s Excellent Challenge).  I lost three, added them back…  And for some reason, this is barely fazing me.
My body feels happier, healthier and better fueled and taken care of than it has in years.
I can bike more than I have since I was 13 and rode my bike all summer long to get EVERYWHERE.
I can run more than I think I have in my adult life.
I work out every day in some manner.
I eat well, and I eat right. 
I’m keeping the excess under control.
I feel like the clutter in my mind and in my heart is slowly blowing away, making way for health and happiness and more productive ways to live. 
I feel empowered, and am enjoying my life.
I feel alive and afire.
To feel this great means so much more than the numbers on the scale right now. 
I’m still working towards that magic goal weight, and I’m by no means happy with the weight I am at now… But I am absolutely reveling in the way I feel
I never want to focus so much weight loss that I am miserable about it again, or am not fueling my body right.  I have done that before… dipped way too low in calories… worked out too much… (and for the record, did not lose like I would have hoped…)  I stopped enjoying any of my life for the all mighty weight loss… and I was so unhappy, and it took over my life.  How I felt was completely dependant upon whether the scale went up or down. 
Yes, it is very very frustrating right now to know I am eating less than I am burning and that I am STILL not losing weight… this past week I gained…  I could let it make me feel like a failure, as it has so many times in the past…  But I won’t let it.  Not when my clothes fit better, and my body is happy… I mean really happy… it feels used; not abused.  It feels like I’m giving myself loving care by working out healthfully and fueling it with good clean food.  It knows I’m listening to it more than I have before.  If something makes it unhappy, I am learning not to do those behaviors.  This is a way I could live for the rest of my life.  I am hoping and praying that the reward for this, for eating more mindfully, for eating less than I am burning, will be achieving a healthy happy weight.  It may take a little longer than I want. 
For me I spend a lot of time convincing myself if I can just drop X lbs in the next X weeks, I’ll be on the other side, and then… THEN I will start treating myself better.  THEN I will stop obsessing…  THEN I will let myself enjoy my food…. THEN I will let myself enjoy the exercise for being good and cleansing for the body, instead of to count each and every calorie it should be burning…  All these THENs have been my life for as long as I can remember.  And I don’t want that anymore.  I can’t guarantee I won’t get hit by a bus tomorrow.  I can’t guarantee I will wake up tomorrow.  I do want to enjoy and live each day in a healthy, clean, nurturing way.  I want to enjoy each moment with the love of my life.  I want to have my path to health be lined with trees, and brooks, and some meadows, and lots and lots of flowers… I don’t want it to be lined with concrete walls and barred windows.  I’ve spent years either surrounded by those concrete walls and barred windows, or knowing that I was deviating from a healthy path and that the end result would be a longer travel down the concrete path.
I feel like I am slowly breaking free of those chains… I feel like I’m crawling out from under a rock and am seeing the sunshine on nice dewy spring blossoms for the first time in years. 
I wouldn’t trade this feeling of being a life and truly living for the world.  I wish I could capture it, and bottle it, and save it for those days that the trees and squirrels give way to concrete walls. 
These feelings, this freedom, this is why I love my imperfect body… The imperfect body that lets me take nice long bike rides with my husband without holding me back.  That same body that’s been working with me to run more and more, and faster and faster.  The same body that carries me through each day.  I am thankful for it.

Monday Madness!!!

Our Monday did seem to start out of madness!!!  I set the alarm last night like a good little girl.  I set it for 5:30…  The problem was I set it for PM!!  Blast!!  Thank goodness I woke up at 6:45 on my own.  We didn’t have ton of time, and it was supposed to be a nice day today… so I asked Hubs if we could walk T around the ‘hood.  Which he happily agreed to!  We had a nice little morning walk.  I took a quick shower, which was followed by some coffee, a poached egg and toast.  I was still hungry so I had some gorilla munch to go! 
I got to work a little later than I preferred, but sometimes that happens.  Today was a decent day at work…  I took a walk with my little work buddy, so we had some time to enjoy the sunshine!!
I got out on time… and came home to finish packing for a business trip to Charlotte this Thursday and Friday.  And to start laying clothes out to pack for Italy.  Wait… Italy??? Yes, Italy.  We are going to Italy with my MIL for the beautification of Pope John Paul II and for some tourism!  I’ve never been out of North America, so I am super duper excited.  Later this month, we’ll travel up to VT, deposit the dog at Hedonist Camp (my moms, where he’s spoiled), then head out to Italy with my MIL.  We’ll return and get to spend time with my FIL (I think this might be the only chance to see him this year!).  We’re very excited.   
Tonight we’re back to the regular weekday meal schedule…  Rice, tofu, veggies…  YUM!
And since it’s in the 80’s… and it makes us happy… We went for a bike ride down past the Grandin to the Greenway and went by the very high, very flowing Roanoke River.
And now we’re back home to relax, and head to bed. 
Happy SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AND!!!!  WAY TO GO PAULA AND MELISSA!!!!!!!  They did a great job with a ½ marathon this weekend. I’m impressed and inspired!