Ode to Oats… Continued….

Today, I prepared the same oat combo that I made yesterday.  I did not take a picture as it’s not really “picture-worthy”.  After hearing me wax poetic about the oat combo all afternoon yesterday and all day today, one of coworkers asked to see them.  She said they looked gross.  Then she asked to smell them…. She was sold… She said they smelled awesome.
And they are awesome.
They are officially my new favorite food.
I could give up chocolate, but would not want to give up this delight for the mouth. 

Wait, what?  This is better than chocolate, she says????

Okay well… I can’t guarantee that to be the case for everyone… but for me… It’s the Paul Pierce (Get it???  The Truth!!)

Here’s the recipe all over again…

Oats in a Jar AKA Oats to Go:
1/4 cup GF rolled oats
1/2 cup Silk Coconut milk
1/2 ripe banana
1 tbsp crunchy sunbutter (which you should totally try if you like nut butters and haven’t tried this one yet!)
1 tbsp coconut

Put it all in a jar, close the jar… Let the oats absorb the liquid for a few hours… Then you have deliciousness!!

Today was an all around good day!  I got up and ran with my new “Tubes”.  They rocked.  I didn’t even have to add my SuperFeet inserts.  Minimal calf pain!!  Hubs even did some pilates with me! 

Today they announced at work a lateral move I am making.  I’m very excited about this and the new opportunities it will bring.  It also moves me away from a process I had been leading or co-leading for over a year now.  It’s bittersweet… but totally time!!   I don’t do well with the extreme volume of stress it was “providing”.  I’m excited to be able to focus on the work-life balance thing, just in time for the summer.

Then when I came home a most wonderful thing happened!!!  Amazon deliveries occurred.  I received a new water bottle, a tiger tail, some hemp powder and body glide.  I tried them all and they rock!!! 

I’m off to make Hubs some dinner… Baked sweet potato, green peas and some spring veggies, and maybe another one of those Al Fresco Sweet Apple Chicken Sausages!!!  I’m feeling like a light clean dinner tonight, can you tell????

What’s your favorite way to make oats?

Oh oh oh…and…. DAILY CUTENESS!


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