A Word (or Several) on Oats….

Oats….  Oats… I love Oats… Absolutely, Positively, Wild about Oats….
But not all oats are wild about me!!!
I had been wondering about the true likelihood of being glutenated by oats that were not certified GF.  This past summer I had the opportunity to try this out.  My MIL being so kind, has been trying to learn more on the whole GF thing.  It warms my heart, and makes me happy to be considered.  It also makes it harder for me to turn things down.  So back to this past summer… during a visit to the homeland, we stayed with Hubs’ folks for a bit.  The MIL made a berry crumble…  She was trying so hard!  She used rolled oats and GF flour for the top.  Just regular rolled oats.  They didn’t say contains wheat or anything that would be a newbie’s red flag.  I did what I should have been smart enough not to… I ate it anyway.  Not once, but 2-3 times.  And I got sick.  Now, I only eat certified GF oats.  Lesson Learned!!!
Today was my day to go home and have lunch duty with Theron.  This worked out excellent because last night I was so starving by dinner time that I don’t know that I tasted any of the cornbread or bbq tofu!!!  Tonight it’s sneaker shopping right after work, and I didn’t want to let myself become so very ravenous.  Eating that quickly is not satisfying, nor is it smart & healthy.  I decided to bring in a jar of oats to eat at the end of the workday to tide me over.  So that is exactly what I did!  I combined ¼ cup GF Oats, ½ cup Silk Coconut Milk, ½ a VERY ripe banana, 1 tbsp sweetened flaked coconut, and lastly 1 tbsp crunchy sunbutter!  After I threw together my oats… me and GoldenBoy Jr. (Get it, he’s golden in color!?!?!) took a short loop with a hill at the end for our lunchtime leg-stretcher.  It was abso-freakin-lute-ly G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.!!! 

I will fully confess I did not want to go back to work.  At all.  I wish I could have called in with Spring Fever!!!
Once back at work, I watched the time tick closer and closer to quitting time… finally at 10 after three; I could wait no more… I swear I waited as long as I could… Then dove, mouth first into my oat treat.  And it is serious mysterious how something so simple could be such a rockstar treat!
Sneaker Shopping was the goal this evening!  And boy did we score!!!!!!!  We each got two pairs.  I got two pairs of the KSwiss Tubes.  They are insanely comfy!!! 
Dinner was a quick affair…
Lundberg Brown Rice Couscous.  GF of course!!  This was the first time we tried this and it was decent.
Al Fresco Sweet Apple Chicken Sausage.  This was the highlight of the meal!
Kroger Cauliflower & Broccoli, which we sprinkled with chopped olives, crumbled feta and balsamic vinegar
Sliced Tomatoes with crumbled feta
Quick, easy, yummy!

Now there’s just time to take a short walk with T before retiring for the eve.
Daily Cuteness!!!
Smores says TV off… It’s walking time!

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