The song of the river ends not at her banks but in the hearts of those who have loved her. ~ Buffalo Joe

I’m ready for yakin season.  Starting a couple weeks ago I started to get an ache in my soul to be on the water, close to the water, swimming in the water.  The water calms me, calms my heart, and my mind.  I am so VERY joyful when we are kayaking.  The weather had gotten so nice that I had begun to do some serious kayak pre-planning…  Well, when you start making plans, sometimes Mother Nature likes to remind you she’s in charge.   This weekend we are expecting sleet and snow… Not exactly optimal kayak weather.  Oh well, I guess that means it’s time to stop day dreaming. 🙂
We still have a sick puppy on our paws.  Theron’s tummy was upset yesterday, and seemed better.  This morning Hubs was awoke by a whiny-gurgly sound coming from Theron.  That’s his noise for when he’s got to go out.  Poor little man. 
You would think with Hubs getting up, dressed, going outside to let the Dogbert out, bringing the Dogbert back inside, that I would have woken up and started my day since it was around 5:00 am.  No dice.  I didn’t get up until several snooze bars.  We can’t seem to master the going to bed on time thing.  I was only a couple minutes past bedtime, but Mr. MarchMadness stayed up late; and corny as it is, I struggle to fall asleep without him right there with me.
This morning when I finally woke, it struggled to get going.  I was so tired I felt sick.  Overheating, nauseous, physically unrested.  It sucked.  Flat out sucked.  I made myself bike, at a slacker pace, but bike I did.  And then I gave up after 22 minutes.  Hubs, being the morning hero he was today, made me coffee during that time.  The coffee was sipped while I did my knee PT.  And revitalized me.  I had more energy to get an ab workout in, and then to get back on the bike for a strong pace for about 15 more minutes.
PT you say?  Yes. PT.  As in Physical Therapy.  I have had knee problems due to a genetic disorder since I was a wee MinG.  I have little bone spurs coming off my growth plate, combined with some very very stretchy tendons and ligaments.  This caused me to have very painful knees.  The awesome thing about the knee joint is that if you work at it and keep at it, you can sometimes strengthen the muscles around them enough to compensate for those loose tendons/ligaments, and it can help alleviate a lot of pain.  So keep at it I do.  I do them about 3x a week.  Knee problems run on both sides of my family, so I’m trying to be proactive now, so I don’t need new ones later.
While we were working out to Qubo (We don’t have cable.). I got the biggest craving for broasted potatoes.  Mr. Gluten Free MinG was only too happy to accommodate.  What a great breakfast!!!  Broasted Potatoes and Omelet!!!  Hubs has been taking point with our migration to organic produce.  Our most recent foray into said world is potatoes.  You can see a discernible color difference if you cut in half an organic sweet potato and a non-organic one.  There is a taste difference, not slight but HUGE.  The organic one seems to burst flavor into your mouth.  This also translates to regular potatoes.  THEY EVEN SMELL LIKE THEY CAME FROM YOUR GARDEN GROWING UP.  It’s insane…  Insane it took us so long to start this process.  If you haven’t switched to organic potatoes, do it today.  Throw all your old ones into your compost bin, and start fresh.  The moment you bite into that organic potato, you will throw your hands up in joy and say Yessssssssssss GFMG is right!!  And your mouth (and body) will be so very thankful.
On my way in a most wonderful thing happened…  I got to be on the phone with my very best friend.  It may have only been for a quick 15 minutes, but it was wonderful.  She and I were in girl scouts together from 1st grade on, and really became close when we were in 6th/7th grade.  Despite all the things life has thrown at us, we’re still each other’s best friend.  It’s really outstanding to have someone that knows your strengths and weaknesses and loves you for them.   I work days and The BFF works nights… This makes catching up difficult.  I think we determined it’s been a few months since we spoke.  Yes, months.  Pathetic!!!   I’m hoping that since we both have the time I commute free a few times a week, we can get on some sort of regular schedule.  Regardless, this made my morning and I’ve been grinning ever since. 
Today was a great day at work.  Seriously.  There’s some changes in my work/responsibilities coming down the pipe.  That combined with finally having my 2010 year end review today really made for a good day.  We also got an Edible Arrangement sent to us from a line partner group.  This marked the first time I’ve tried one of them, and they are goooooooooooooood!!  I’ve got a pineapple thing goin on lately, and the Edible Arrangement played into that nicely.
Friday Night, as you know by now, is Pizza Night!!!!  I love love love love the Namaste Foods, Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix, 16-Ounce Bags (Pack of 6) .  I mean, it’s better than most “regular” crusts…  and tonight’s toppings were TO.DIE.FOR!  It was the best pizza I have ever eaten.  Better than late night, drunken Big Daddy’s Pizza.  Yes.  It’s true. 
Steps Taken to Achieve True Pizza Greatness:
Pre-baked the Namaste Mix.
Marinated 2 portabellas in Ken’s Lite Balsamic Vinaigrette.
Grilled said portabellas.
Topped pizza with:
-Red Onion
-Grilled/Marinated portabella
-Parmesan Cheese
Throw the pizza back in the oven to finish cooking, adding the parm at the last couple of minutes.
Freakin rockin!!!  Hubs was the man tonight… He did all the work to make the pizza… He even gets picture-taking credit!!!  I did my part with dishes and clean up.
While the handsome one was making our dinner, I ran the Shark (Euro-Pro UV610SH Shark Cordless Sweeper ), and then the Swiffer Wet Jet Starter Kit.  It’s not perfect clean, I still need to use my normal vac to do all the edges of the rooms, and to suck up the stinkbug population that is multiplying at a rapid rate.  But it’s a good quick presentable clean.  Stop on over…  🙂
After our B.P.E. (Best Pizza Ever), we trotted Sick-Puppy.  Sick-puppy seems on the up and up… we shall see how he handles the overnight. 
I’m so excited for the weekend.
Tomorrow I will get up early, and get a solid work out in.  I *think* by Sunday I will be able to start running again!!!  We’re planning on having oatmeal blueberry pancakes this weekend.  I can not tell you how excited I am.  If anyone has a really great oatmeal pancake recipe… please share it: mingrange at live dot com.  Once I get a solid recipe, and can gluten free it, I’ll share!!!
Last year I had donated 4 one hour integrative massages to 2 different charities.  One redeemed last week.  I had another one set to redeem this week.  I was super excited because the one for tomorrow added on a half hour!  Great idea!  Stretches the dollar and to be very very honest, you will get most massage therapists best work in that 1.5 hour time range.  It’s long enough to be able to focus on multiple areas that need release, but not so long that the massage therapist gets totally drained.  Unfortunately, my massage tomorrow cancelled because she’s sick.  Smart on her part again, but a bummer-drag for me. 
I have a long, and probably overly ambitious to do list for this weekend.  That means I should probably eat a little yogurt and blueberries, and climb those stairs to sleepyville!
Daily Cuteness:

It’s hard to see, but if you look real hard you can see the male cardinal of our cardinal couple out at the bird feeders.
If you need some daily inspiration, head over to Paula’s Blog.  She’s updating an inspirational quote daily.  She’s on a healthy-fast-track, and it’s almost impossible not to want to follow in her path!  Today’s quote is just too good not to share! 🙂 
“You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result.”

Mahatma Gandhi

P.S. Shout out to Lara!!  Thanks for following sweetpea!


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